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Unable to load a preset into spider edit
by PeterGurton on 2013-01-24 01:54:42.3060

First let me say that I have bought a Spider valve Mk2 112 and FBV shortboard and they vastly exceed my expectations (and my expectations were pretty high)


I have created some presets of all the different amp models in spider edit, then loaded them into my SVmk2 112 fiddled around with them and then retrived them all back into spider edit and copied them into a folder on my computer. Now I want to load just a few of them back into spider edit so that I can create a bundle of just the ones I like and change the order etc...

Some load in fine, but with others I get a message saying that the preset contains models not present, please update the firmware. I belive that all of my firmware is up to date, as I did an update of the amp and FBV shortboard only a few weeks back. My version of spider edit is 1.03, I downloaded this at the same time I did the amp/floorboard update.

So why can't I reload the presets?



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