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FBV Mk II footswitch options?
by archaeosis on 2013-01-24 02:08:34.0880

I have recently got the FBV Express Mk II, and was wondering how to assign different functions to the footswitches, as they only seem to be able to switch between the four user channels, and activate tap tempo and the tuner. I want to assign them to switch on and off the different effects on my (spider iv 75) amp e.g. each footswitch would turn on or off each effect knob on the amp (gain/auto/pitch, chorus/phaser/tremolo, delay/echo/sweep echo and reverb, maybe drive as well?) Or assign each footswitch to an individual effect on any of the four effect knobs e.g. phaser, pitch glide, overdrive etc. does anyone know of anyway to achieve this? on a sidenote, i don't seem to be able to get my FBV to control Wah effects without selecting the Wah Pedal option in Spider IV Edit, is there a way to get the pedal to control Wah without the use of the program? It automatically is set to volume when switched on and i can change that to control pitch, but not Wah :/

Re: FBV Mk II footswitch options?
by fflbrgst on 2013-01-25 12:30:40.8330

You can't do that with the Express.  You will have to get the FBV MkII Shortboard to control the individual functions of the FX.

To engage the WAH pedal, you have to step on the toe (very hard when new) to switch from volume to wah function.  You'll need to stand up, and if the FBV is on a soft surface, like a thick carpet, it's hard to get it to function.

Re: FBV Mk II footswitch options?
by archaeosis on 2013-01-27 16:32:17.2630

Ah, oh well. And thanks, that toe switch was hard to find, didnt look or feel like a switch, but it works :)

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