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Floor Pod Plus Popped When Plugged In
by bluelenz80 on 2013-01-24 02:51:22.8070


Just got a new Floor Pod Plus (FPP) direct from US. Read the instructions, but no mention anything about power supply. Plugged the Line6 power supply in and few secs later heard a popped sound. Smoke then started coming out from all the holes of the FPP.

Checked out the line6 support online only to realise the different voltage in countries outside of US. I'm from Singapore by the way.

Immediate reaction, totally disappointed with Line6 in not giving prior warnings to customers outside of US using their products. It is such an important message to leave it out just like that.

In this case, is the warranty considered void? The popped sound with smoke coming out surely must be an indication of a short circuit. Is it still repairable? Since it will definitely be a hassle for me to send the item back to US, will the local dealer be able to solve this problem of mine? Where can I purchase this power supply for countries having 240V incoming?

Re: Floor Pod Plus Popped When Plugged In
by Mr_Arkadin on 2013-01-24 15:48:09.7910

Well there's no warning because you are supposed to buy the product from your own country. I bet in the warranty it states you should check the voltage of your country.

People often buy from the US to save money but the problem with this, along with different voltages and plug types, is that the warranty is only valid in the US, so in the long run you may not save money - definitely not in your case. You would either have to send it back to the US under that warranty - if that warranty is even still valid given you plugged it into incorrect mains supply, or you will have to get it repaired locally but out of warranty at your own cost.

The first thing to try however is a power supply rated for your country and with the exact same spec - it must be AC - not DC! This is very important as most common PSUs available in shops are DC. Get the voltage and ampage correct too.You may find that just the PSU has been killed and your FFP is OK. However from your description it sounds like the FFP suffered too.

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