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POD into Spider Jam: Why use the CD/MP3 input instead of AUX?
by adessmith on 2013-01-24 07:00:44.7220

Just curious...
This seems to be the recomended method. I havent tried either yet, but I plan to use this configuration occasionally.

Seems that it would be easier just to run a 1/4" cable from the mono out from the POD into the Aux input.
Or even run XLR from the POD to the Microphone input (and get a ballanced connection).

I noticed that there are some "settings" for the AUX input such as Keyboard 1, Keyboard 2, Bass 1, Bass, 2, and some microphone and acoustic settings.
I am assuming the mindset is that this will still color the sound to some extent. I thought Keyboard amps are supposed to be "flat response"...

It seems like you could use one of the keyboard settings, however, the fact that there are 2 of them seems to imply they arent both flat response (otherwise there would be no need for 2 of them).
Does anyone know if either one of the keyboard settings are supposed to be "flatter" than the other?

I want to be able to run my Pod direct to the sound board and to this amp at the same time.
I dont like the idea of using a 3.5mm connector in a live environment. The 1/4" jack or XLR seem like they would be more dependable, It's also harder to find 3.5mm to dual 1/4" in longer cables. We have plenty long microphone and 1/4 cables lying around.

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