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No stomp boxes compatible with model packs?
by Mudloop on 2013-01-24 14:06:21.9790


I'm considering purchasing a KB37. I play bass, and work together with a guitarist. I also have Reason 6, so I'm sure the KB37 will be a good purchase.

Now suppose I write some songs, and I want to bring them live with the same sound. From what I've seen, there are no more stomp boxes that are compatible with the model packs used by the KB37. The POD xt Live has been discontinued, and the POD HD doesn't seem to be compatible with model packs - is this correct?

I also had an idea, which I think would be something Line6 should consider. Similar as to how Reason now supports third party rack extensions, they should release a pedal board that allows third parties to write their own effects/amps. Line6 could sell them in a store, so they would profit from these extensions. Just imagine, this way people could release crazy effects, big players like ehx could sell virtual versions of their pedals, and we as players would only need one single board that does it all. It would work equally well for bass and guitar, you just use different effects and amps.

Now who do I talk to to get this to happen?

Re: No stomp boxes compatible with model packs?
by aaron__aardvark on 2013-01-25 22:03:34.8490

Try this forum:">">

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