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Newbie Help
by richlich on 2013-01-25 11:31:03.3640

Okay, I'm new to amps with all these effects built in (haven't messed with an amp at all since the mid-60s and it had only tremelo built in) and, frankly, the SP IV manuals/docs don't tell me much. I have a Spider IV 15. So, here are my questions:

1. When I first turned my amp on, there was apparently a tremolo effect and a reverb effect already set. I simply want to start out with a pure, clean sound with no effects. I tried clearing all the effects and saving that under the Clean button but when I turned the amp on again, they were back. (Yes, I turned the two effects knobs all the way to the left/off.) I then followed the instructions to set everything to baseline by holding down the (?) button (the one to the far right) and turning the amp on. This apparently set everything back to "default" with no effects, but the next time I turned the amp on again the effects returned.

2. When I do use effects, I primarily want to use reverb (echo chamber? - hey, I did play through a friend's Fender Twin Reverb amp at one time and man, what a sound from the spring when the amp was accidentally hit) and to some extent tremelo (e.g. in a couple of Link Wray songs). What pedal do I need to get so I can simply turn reverb (and/or other effects, again primarily tremolo) on and off? How about setting the amount of reverb (and tremolo)?

3. What do I need to do on my Line6 to get a "twangy" sound like you need for Ghost Riders In the Sky or maybe some of the Duane Eddy stuff? (Yeah, I know I don't have a water tower chamber like DE used in his recordings, but I'd like to try to approximate it as best I can.) Or even rockabilly? I'm going to be playing a mixture of 50s/60s rock, classic country, and praise & worship and hymns.

I currently have a Squier Tele Deluxe which I'm trying to also set tone/pup selection on according to what I'm going to play (been playing primarily acoustic and classical); but I'll soon have an Epi Emperor Swingster (with the push/pull tone so I can play in humbucking mode or get the single-coil effect).

Many thanks for your help and patience with a newbie like me!


P.S. Anybody want to buy a Squier Tele Deluxe? Essentially brand new. I'm also selling an Oscar Schmidt (Washburn) OC11CE classical/electric. This is the top of the Oscar Schmidt line of classical guitars. It's also barely used.

Re: Newbie Help
by fflbrgst on 2013-01-25 12:08:57.0590

You may not have chosen the best amp for what you want to use it for.  If you get an FBV Express MkII pedal, you can switch between the 4 preset channels.

Note sure why you are unable to save the clean sound you want - possibly you are not holding down the button long enough.  If this doesn't work the way it should, there may be something wrong with the amp, and you'll need to bring it back to where you bought it for exchange (the 15s are not serviceable).

To get any particular sound you are looking for, you will need to experiment with the tone and gain and volume settings - the tones you get will vary, depending on what guitar you use.

Re: Newbie Help
by xxcrispyxx on 2013-01-29 15:33:54.1540

I have to push the Shortboard MKII here, I can get just about any tone I need using the software and the pedal; I can also edit all the sound so that they're all clean and build up on top of them.  The amp is great without the pedal if you're just messing around but you really won't be able to get the full editing capabilities without the pedal.

Re: Newbie Help
by fflbrgst on 2013-01-30 05:48:08.6210

The FBV Shortboard MkII is a great controller, but not compatible with the Spider IV 15 or 30 amps.

Re: Newbie Help
by Jimmikatt on 2013-01-30 10:44:11.2830

when you setting / editing your channel, pick the channel you want to change,

change the settings as you like, then hold down the same channel button you are using,

it will flash a few times then stop, your channel should be saved then.  i'm using the S IV 75, it might be different, but i doubt it.

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