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HD 500 dual input routing question
by stevegrossie on 2013-01-25 14:50:21.7500

I poked through the manual, but couldn't find an easy way to do this.

I want my Electric guitar plugged into Guitar input

I want my acousitc guitar plugged into aux input.

Electric guitar signal should map to XLR output left

Acoustic guitar signal should map to XLR ouput right

I can then run both to a soundboard on different channels.  As I change patches, I'd play the appropriate guitar to match, and thus send to the proper channel.  This way I don't have to share 1 channel for two I guitars

I probably could do this with some patch level mixer L/R panning shinanigans, but is there a way to do this globally?

Re: HD 500 dual input routing question
by spaceatl on 2013-01-25 16:45:06.2960

...You need to set Guitar 1 into Input 1 and Guitar 2 to Aux on the input setup page...that can saved per patch....Guitar 1 would use Chain A and Aux would use Chain B...basically you just setup a patch becaue you can disable the input in the setup can use global input settings...but then you can to program the mixer to mute which ever instrument you need muted...anyhoo, 6 of 1, half dozen of with the Input setup page and the mixer...

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