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(212628) MakeItRain by ricksox
by Line6Customtone on 2013-01-25 19:31:06.9050

For this tone I wanted something a little unusual. It may not be a sound many of you can use regularly but I think it could make for a good effect in a small part of a song…maybe an intro for example. The trick to this tone is to hang out on the high E and the B strings. Experiment with letting notes sustain around the 12th fret. The effect should sound sparkly and a bit wobbly due to the Wow/FLT being set so high. I find that letting the notes sustain for as long as possible really make this tone shine. I’m using the PhD Motorway amp model based on* the DrZ® Route 66 amp. The Drive is set fairly high to 67% but you can tweak to taste. I’ve got the Time parameter on the Tube Echo delay model set to 260ms. The Feedback is up pretty high at 75%. I really crank the Wow/FLT parameter on this patch for that extra “wobble”. It’s set to 65%. Drive is set to 0% and Mix is way up at 75%. Have fun with this one.

Re: (212628) MakeItRain by ricksox
by paylor1970 on 2013-01-25 19:31:07.1140

Thanks man... All of your tones were great, but following your tips for this one, I immediately concocted the beginning of what I think will be a really cool atmospheric song when I'm through with it.

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