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Pod HD500 used as an in ear monitor amp?
by dazbec on 2013-01-25 22:02:38.8920


I have had my pod for quite awhile now, but I have never used it live, or with a bass. I updated the firmware which supplied me with the flip top bass amp, which I would like to try out live, but I really need routing advice for what I have in mind.

I recently joined an 80's tribute band which use no amps, and in ear monitors. I have never used in ear's before, and it has caused me no end of drama getting used to not having an amp on stage, or a foldback wedge.

Everything in this band is emulated, including the drums and cymbols, which, if you can get it right, is a great way to perform, and has many advantages.

I didn't start the band, I joined, so I am at the mercy of how they do things, which isn't always the way I would do it, but it's what I'm stuck with.

Right now my setup consists of,

Bass guitar, into a boss stomp box tuner (used for tuning, but also a kill switch for when I change basses), then into a line 6 m9, for octave, chorus, overdrive effects, whatever, then into a sansamp bass driver DI amp emulator, which is great, as I can setup different patches for different basses, so the final output level I send to the PA  is the same no matter what bass I am using.

After my signal leaves the sansamp via the XLR out, there is a Y splitter, which sends one signal off to the PA, but also sends another signal to my Yamaha micro mixer. This mixer is used for in ear monitors, I mix my direct signal from the sansamp, with an aux send from the PA, to achieve the best in ear monitor mix I can. The reason I have to do it this way, is that's how they did it before I joined the band, and I've inherited this setup. It's not too bad, as I've noticed some their backing tracks move around in volume, so it's great to be able to turn my bass either up or down, depending on the volume I'm receiving from the aux send.

What I would like to do, is ditch all this gear, and just use the pod Hd500!

I've tested the flip top bass amp in the pod, and I can work with that. The pod seems to have plenty of in's and outs, so my question is this,

Can I setup the pod so that I can send my bass out to the PA via the XLR out, have an aux send from the PA coming in, either via the CD/MP3 in, the aux in, or the XLR mic in, and still be able to adjust the mix between the bass, and my aux send, but only send the bass out, and not a combination of the bass and my aux send? Also, can I have the ability to turn the volume of the headphone out, (where my in ear monitors would go) up or down as desired, without effecting the level of the bass signal I am sending out via the XLR out, to the PA?

I hope my question makes sense, I just read it, and it seems a little confusing, even to me, and I wrote it.

Maybe an easier way to explain it is, I need to mix 2 signals, but only send 1 out, and that signal going out needs to stay at full volume, even when I adjust my headphone out level.

I have no idea if this can be done, but if somebody out there does, could they please let me know how?



Re: Pod HD500 used as an in ear monitor amp?
by spaceatl on 2013-01-25 23:24:37.2810

I think you could...I think the trick would be to put in an FX Loop block...I think the send will work even with the loop disabled, but I think the block has to be in the chain...They might have changed that in the current firmware...Take a DI off the FX Loop, if you have to enable the loop then just jump the loop with the direct box...The CD MP3 is mixed at the end of the chain, so the DI should not see any monitor mix...So you should be able to use the headphone out to monitor...You might need something to attenuate the CDMP3 input so you can vary the mix relative to your bass...A little headphone amplifier might do the trick for that, or a mini line mixer...Master volume would not affect the FX send, so the PA should be good with that and you should be able to use that to get your mix...Seems doable to me...feel for you bro...I hate IEMs

Re: Pod HD500 used as an in ear monitor amp?
by Jeffsco on 2013-01-26 09:34:12.1280

I've just switched my band over to IEM's and WOW. I hope I never have to go back to wedges and or backline. For the first time in my 30 year playing career i have absolute consistency of sound from my guitar rig night after night. We have absolute killer monitor mixes and NO vocal mic feeback in every venue we play in. There is NO ROOM to affect or mess your sound with IEM's.

We use a digital mixer so we eachhave custom tailored STEReO mixes for our IEM's and also the ability to control every aspect of our own mixes via small 9" netbooks at each of our mic stands.  The stereo aspect is important as it mimics what we normally hear without IEM's....we hear in stereo. However if you were trying to do IEM's on an analog board  in mono...ouch.

The little mixer you have running things into is a standard professional / budget concious way of doing IEM's . nothing wrong with it. It gives you that ability to get "More of Me" into your mix instantaneously. Vocalists love it and/or need it.

As for routing the signal thru your HD..most likely yes you could do this. You could do it by bringing the monitor feed in from the Aux input and assign it to the "B" signal path and run your bass amplification on your "A" path. Just remember ...No effects in the Pre path psoition. Best to put all of your bass processing and amps after the split in the "A" path. Set input 1 to guitar and Input 2 to Aux and blend to taste with either your HD mixer or from the main sound board.

The downside is that you do not have fingertip control of the volume of your mix but that may not be important  to you/

You may also need a DI or and adaptor box of some description to take the line input from the monitor feed and set up the voltage and / or impedance to correctly interface with your POD. Then in that are trading one box for another aren't you?

The other thing most musicians forget is that by eliminating amps onstage...your sound tech out front no longer has to fight the effects of the Stage sound mixing with the Front End speakers. You will have a way better mix outfront to the paying audience that you would with a "conventional" stage amp set up. And the audience and/ or number of drinks sold determines whether or not you play in that venue again...right? Since when has it been about the musicians?!!! lol a bass player ..check out the Buttkicker tactile transducers available to help you "Feel" your bass rig.">">

Good luck!

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