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recording with mics on toneport?
by sammyi19 on 2013-01-26 20:52:28.7700

so i went ahead and got a shure sm57(yet to actually pick up) and sm58(have attained) for recording, i am currently using the gearbox toneport di silver bundle plugin with the gearbox software. now my question is why is it when i plug in the sm58 i dont seem to get much volume at all out of it and when it comes to singing over a track you can not hear a thing, i have the gain and volume turned to the maximum and if i use the noise gate and compression turned to the max to actually get a sound i can hear its severly distorted. i am using the vocal pre amps on the silver bundle. i was wondering when it comes to a time i want to record acoustic with a mic will i have to get a new interface or is there something that im missing that will give me a loud enough sound?

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