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Multiple devices, same type - Model Packs
by whty26 on 2013-01-27 04:02:43.5880

If I have two registered POD xt Live, can I use a model pack on both of them?

Re: Multiple devices, same type - Model Packs
by Thinkfast on 2013-03-05 07:50:22.0280

If I recall, the Line 6 Monkey software will allow you to use your model pack license pack on up to 5 L6 devices. 

But I'm not an expert...

Re: Multiple devices, same type - Model Packs
by Triryche on 2013-03-07 07:29:21.4190

You can use them on up to 4 devices.

You would need to download the newest Monkey which comes bundled with License Manager.

Run the Monkey to update drivers and then run License Manager to authorize.


If you purchased the PODxt 2nd hand with the packs already installed, you will lose them unless the previous owner gifted them to you.

If you purchased the model packs then no woories.

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