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32 Memory Banks (A-D) 1amp + 3FX OR are there 128 slots programable to anything?
by rdhenne on 2013-01-27 07:43:43.4990

A very basic question, as I just opened the box and read the manual.  I am confused by the relation of banks to individual program number/letter assignments.

I can't get my head around how the banks and individual memory locations relate.  The manual examples show programing and saving an amp edit into a memory location like 1C that makes no sense to me.  My logic tells me that there are 32 banks with programmable slots for A - amp, B FX1, C FX2, D FX3 is this correct or can you program anything anywhere?  If you can program FX 2 settings into a memory slot like 32A why not just call the memory locations 1 thru 128?

Question 2:

I don't understand the real difference between the green mode (preset selection) and the orange mode effect selection?  I also don't understand the difference between preset selection and preset activation?

If I wanted to load bank 12 A -D would I go to the green mode and tap on A, B, C, D footswitches and then go to the Orange mode select the amp with A and play B C and D like stomp boxes on and off?

If the memory window says 12A and I tap on the B foot switch in the green mode what happens?



Re: 32 Memory Banks (A-D) 1amp + 3FX OR are there 128 slots programable to anything?
by silverhead on 2013-01-27 08:39:57.9340

Q1: Each of the 128 programmable slots (1A through 32D) contain a full preset including an amp and the 3FX. Any preset contains/stores the assignment of the amp and all 3 selected FX. They are assigned in 32 banks of 4 rather than a straight numbering from 1 to 128 to simplify/organize their selection using the 4 footswitches.

Q2: The green (preset selection) mode assigns the footswitches so that the user can quickly select one of the 4 presets (A - D) in the current bank. The orange (FX mode) assigns the footswitches so that the user can quickly turn on/off the amp or individual FX within the current preset. In this mode the footsweitches are not referred to as A, B, C, and D but as Amp, FX1, FX2, and FX3. If the memory window says 12A and you tap on the B footswitch in green mode the device will load preset 12B and the display will change to 12B. If you did the same thing in orange mode, you are turning on/off FX1 while remaining in preset 12A; and in terms of terminology you are using the FX1 footswitch, not the B footswitch. Note that the labeling of the switches varies according to what mode you are in (green vs. orange).

Re: 32 Memory Banks (A-D) 1amp + 3FX OR are there 128 slots programable to anything?
by PremiumJones on 2013-01-27 11:10:15.3850

I think of it like so:

There is one "slot" for AMP, one for FX1, one for FX2, one for FX3. The slots dont change, but their contents are defined by presets, which are designated as 1-A through 32-D in sets of 4.

So I visualize it like an actual rig - I have an amp, 3 pedals, and a bunch of cables. what the amp is and what the pedals are, is defined by a Preset. Each preset can change the nature and order of the amp or pedals.

For example, Lets say I am in bank 1, and step on the A pedal in Green mode. This loads preset 1-A. The amp becomes a Twin, the first pedal becomes a Tube Screamer, the second becomes a chorus, the third a delay. At the same time, all the settings I like for the amp and pedals are also set.

Now if I go into Orange mode, I can turn those pedals on or off individually. A toggles the amp on/off, B toggles FX1 (my Screamer) on/off, and so on.

Back to green mode, I step on B. I am still in bank 1, so it loads preset 1-B. The amp turns into an SLO on the Cruch channel, the TS stays, the chorus becomes a flanger, and the delay stays but is turned off.

Back to orange mode, and again, I can use each pedal individually.

So then. 1-A through 32-D are each different presets that load a different rig, and the settings for that rig into a "virtual space" that is always occupied by one amp, one FX1, one FX2, and so on.  The "virtual space" that the rig occupies, where the amp and FX blocks "exist", doesnt change, but its contents are defined by the preset.

Re: 32 Memory Banks (A-D) 1amp + 3FX OR are there 128 slots programable to anything?
by rdhenne on 2013-01-27 15:52:21.2460

Silverhead,  I wish you wrote the manual.  That totaly cleared it up for me thanks.


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