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Digitech iPB-10
by Brion_Kean on 2013-01-27 12:46:01.3790

Hello POD People!

I haven't messed with my guitar, bass, or HD500 literally, in months. But, I just got all inspired recently, saw Fareed Haque play at Martyr's in Chicago this Thursday with his band "MathGames!"

Fareed was using this new Digitech device that integrated an iPad into the footpedal as the touch-screen controller and processing center. Anyone have a chance to compare that thing to the HD500 or comparable?

Fareed was previously using an HD400 POD with the same band, not sure when he made the switch up to Digitech,



here's the DIgitech / iPad thing:


I just read a bit more, the iPad acts as an interface, but does not do the actual tone processing:

"it’s not just a controller for an iPad app like Amplitube. In other words, the actual effects/sounds aren’t being produced by the iPad. They’re being produced by the pedal itself, just like on any other Digitech multi-effects pedal. In this case, the iPad is basically being used as an interface to make editing the sounds and configuring the board much easier."

Re: Digitech iPB-10
by Brion_Kean on 2013-02-07 10:01:52.3860

No one? That's cool! But yeah, Fareed Haque is a world class unbelievably talented guitarist and musician, songwriter, arranger, composer. On guitar, the man shreds. He also plays a MOOG guitar.

As for his tone with the iPB-10, it was unreal. Amazing. Stellar. I had also heard him play previous gigs with a POD HD400, which sounded good. But this Digitech thing, sounded *really* good.

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