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Line 6 - Why aren't you listening?
by Mark_Redfern on 2013-01-27 13:23:08.9920

I my opinion and clearly many others feel the same way, Line 6 need to reverse the decision of not stocking parts for the Early Variax

I have been told that by law in the UK, parts must be kept available for products for 10 years after the last production

If its true (although I havent found verification) then Line 6 need to comply

And if its not true, then Line 6 should Listen to their Customers

Re: Line 6 - Why aren't you listening?
by TheRealZap on 2013-01-27 13:32:05.1010

if they did... and they charged you pretty much the price of a new variax, would anyone buy them?... i guarantee you the mainboard would probably cost more than the original guitar.... (which in not near the price of a new JTV granted...)

look at older computer gear... sure you can luck into older stuff on ebay... (same with the variax) but if you need something older and specific direct from the manufacturer the price is prohibitive.

not looking for an argument... i'm just adding a differing perspective, which you are sure to not appreciate, because apparently you need parts and not perspective...

i understand and sympathize....

but this is all i have to offer you.

Re: Line 6 - Why aren't you listening?
by Mr_Arkadin on 2013-01-27 15:43:51.1220

I do not believe there is any law requiring companies to keep parts for any period of time at all. Maybe you're thinking of the six year law where in England (five years in Scotland) you can actually claim against defects for up to six years after purchase. However, there are various interpretations of how long is a reasonable time for a product to last and so most companies end up getting away with one or two year warranties - but technically you could claim up to six.

Also if there were any such 'spare parts' legislation it would start from the end of manufacturing, not availability. I'm not sure when the Variax ended production, but you couldn't expect ten years of spares from when you bought it, but from when production ceased.

Again, not trying to be a d1ck about this, just pointing out the cold hard truth of business and commerce. It may not be right and in fact the EU wanted to reduce the six year law for reasonable life expectation on goods down to two. I'm not sure if this ever went through but is another example of how brilliant things are for Brits in Europe (that's one for an OT political thread though ).

What you're experiencing isn't unique to Line 6, it's just that it's obviously affected you - for someone else it might be a TV, another a washing machine, another a synthesiser.

So sadly, the best you and the others can do is tell Line 6 of your feelings on this matter (maybe you already did?) as I don't think there are any laws that cover this area, so there is no legal redress. Maybe get them to push the boat about a bit and check their other regions (especially US) for spare parts, although you'd have to pay P&P and tax, so it might work out uneconomical.

I hope you can find some solution to your problem.

Re: Line 6 - Why aren't you listening?
by clay-man on 2013-01-27 18:24:36.6380

I'm telling you, if Line 6 doesn't respect their own guitars and treat them like guitars, there will be people ducking from buying it.

All I can hope for is that L6 sticks with the JTV products and if they want to release new stuff, they simple just make new versions of it instead of discontinuing the line and making another, like they did with the old V-axes.

Re: Line 6 - Why aren't you listening?
by codamedia on 2013-02-02 15:10:49.5220

I tend to agree with clay-man on this. Treating the Variax like a computer and not a "guitar" would be a big mistake.

They created the Variax as a guitar for the future, yet 10 years down the road if they die, they die! I'm not sure I like the idea of "throw away" guitars.

Re: Line 6 - Why aren't you listening?
by clay-man on 2013-02-03 04:45:19.4280

In another topic, someone was trying to convince me about how they bought a TV and how that will eventually die.

Yeah, it will die out, in 30+ years, not 10, dude.

At my mom's house, she still has a CRT that is 20 years old and still works.

I got 2 Nintendo Game & Watches and an NES that are almost 30 years old that still work. Those are electronic too, but that doesn't excuse it to have a short expiration date. Electronics can be rock solid and last almost forever if treated well.

Like I said, hopefully a reason why they made the new JTV series is becausee they might have better build quality and electronics than old Variaxes, but jeez man, don't duck the old Variax users.

Re: Line 6 - Why aren't you listening?
by amx05462 on 2013-02-03 06:13:31.6620

the original question was  why doesnt line 6 stock parts  as i recall..

my brother  has  radios  from the 40s  and 30s that still work.  try to get parts  though..  i might ask you  where would  you get parts  for  any of the  things  you mentioned  other than   buying another  one  for parts at a  flea market..

as to the jtv... well time will tell.  but line 6 had 4 chances  withthe old variax  to improve  quality  and all they ever did  was put the  same basic package  in a new  skin..   i suppose  there  one improvement  the addition  of  mag pickups  will  make the  guitar useable  when or if the  electronics  fail on those..

personally they should  have  made  the  variax  into a plug  in box as many have  suggested  ... thats what they are good at.

the trouble  with electronics  is  they either fail or become  obsolete..    i dont expect  line  6 will  do any more for  you in the future   than they do now  for  guitars  of the past.  obviously  thats there policy. 

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