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M9 Mono Left input to Left output not working - help!!
by phillwilson on 2013-01-27 14:54:21.7020

Hi all, this is a strange one as it has happened to me and at one other person I know.

I own 2 M9s, one has always worked fine, the second has this weird issue...

if I connect Input L (mono) to my guitar and Output L (Mono) I get a wall of VERY loud aggressive noise (like a digital chip going into meltdown)

the same thing happens if I  use Input Right and Output Right

and again with Input Right  paired with Output L Mono

The ONLY combination that works is Input L mono and Output R... that gives me a completely clean signal.

but now I want to run TWO instruements into mysetup and have them fold down to one moo dice......back to the horrible noise !!

Can anyone help? I have good connections in the Mod Scene so a technical invaisive reply is ok, I just wanted to check the forums before I give it to them



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