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POD XT Pro humming like crazy, tried everything
by NinoScholz on 2013-01-27 18:54:55.8910

Hello there, i recently purchased a pod XT pro rack processor. I have tried running it in every possible configuration, 4cm, in front of amp, and now in effects loop. My problem is i am getting what sounds like groud hum. An NS-2  after the pod (before fx return) slightly helps, but its still a very loud hum that does not seem to change with pod or amp settings.

here's what i have tried so far...

1. Pluggin into different outlet than ampo

2. Plugging amp and pod in to my power conditioner

3. Removing ground from patch cables going in and out of pod and amp

4. making sure pod is grounded - it is a EU model, using transformer for US power. Connected ground from EU connection to US ground prong - no change

5. Switching ground switch on pod

6. tried using balnced xlr out

7. tried guitar in, line in.

8. bridged amp effects loop with cable - it's quiet, only hums when pod is in it

current set up is guitar, 5150 --> fx send to pod LINE IN ---> UNBAL MONO out to FX return on 5150.

When i turn off the 5150 fx loop, the humming stops

i've ordered a behringer H400 hum eliminator as a last resort - i'm afraid it will kill more tone than the pod already does. I'd love to be able to fix the humming without resorting to the hum eliminator

Line 6 guys or experience users - any ideas? Could the pod be defective, and would updating the firmware possibly help?

Any help is appreciated, i've blown my weekend messing with this thing!!

Re: POD XT Pro humming like crazy, tried everything
by Dmack on 2013-01-28 16:50:40.1980

Sounds exactly what I am currently experiencing with the POD XT LIVE!

I have a Randall V2 and trying to use the POD for noisegate and just FX. I have a bank setup with no amp sims, just noisegate,comp,FX and delay.

I have tried every option that I could possible cable routiung I could think of and the outcome has been horrible! I play agressive music and like a higher gain, but the noisegate doesnt even work in front or in FX loop.

I plugged the POD into the front of the AMP, Amps FX Return, and Amps FX send/return.

Now through the Amps FX send/return I get this horrible digital sound and you cant hear the FX. However, my amp has level knobs for both send/return and I can switch between Serial/Parrallel routing. When I max the send you can hear some FX, but they are distorted and that humm is present again.

So, it sounds like the Pro has same issues. I have spent numerous hours looking for people with a similar problem and the fix. Only to find, no fix for my scenario!

I've spent 10 years using this unit and finally have some patches great for recording tracks. End of story. Not once have I ever been satisified with the sound having these units plugged into a Live guitar amp rig.

My oppinion? Ditch it, and just simplify your life with a few pedals! And if a Tech would help you or me out, I would be impressed!! Since these are legacy units.  I would list everything I have done thus far and hope someone finds a routing mistake so I can correct it and make this work!

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