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update update
by colmwiggle on 2013-01-28 06:11:13.5370

Is there any update on an M13 update ? Failing that, has anyone written or should I say coded their own effects - like you can for the devloper pedal. Iknow it would be tricky but i'm curious

Re: update update
by TheRealZap on 2013-01-28 07:15:34.5900

to anyone's public knowledge, there doesn't look to be any active updates or development for the M-series pedals....

I think it is what it is at this point...

i've also not seen any third party attempts to work with the m-series either... line6 themselves do not support any sort of build your own type effects in the m-series line.

Re: update update
by colmwiggle on 2013-01-28 10:12:02.9180

I have been checking the forum periodically (once a month if not more) and like you said it doesn't look like line6 are that bothered with updates for the M13 (or any other M).

I've been looking at their DSP developer kit in their tonecore series and the thought occurred to me that perhaps the M series uses the same DSP platform and if so then it must be programmeable by people other than Line6 staff... thus the question remains!

Its not like I'm unhappy with the M13 but ya know the way it goes, MORE MORE MORE!!!

Re: update update
by TheRealZap on 2013-01-28 10:16:35.4790

always begs the question... if they aren't working on this... "what are they working on?"

i have no idea... but they aren't likely just sitting around talking about their glory days!

i wouldn't have the first clue how to program a DSP... but if they opened that up and allowed code sharing it would probably be pretty fff'ing incredible!

Re: update update
by colmwiggle on 2013-01-28 10:46:30.7920

To right it would ROCK!!! I've done some DSP programming in Csound and the like but it can be hard and monotonous and I'm not really the programming type but there has to be somepeople out there that way inclined or else they would not have released the DSP dev kit in the Tonecore series. To be fair to the code monkeys in Line6 there is probably more than a bit of work in figuring out or collating even just the top 10 suggestions (there have to be hundreds of suggestions made since the last update in 2011) and then writing the code for the update. Maybe they can't afford to pay someone to do the job...

I wonder if someone started up a account and money was raised to pay the affore mentioned monkeys to code it up for us craven M-series owners... would they do it???

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