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stagesource l3t and pod hd500 / roland gr 20 guitar synth
by atomicpunkuk on 2013-01-28 06:40:09.8750

Hi guys,

My current set-up is a Roland GR3 pickup enabled guitar into a GR20 guitar synth, with the guitar output sent to a POD XT live. the outputs of the synth and pod are

then sent to 2 seperate channels of a behringer keyboard amp.

I'm looking to upgrade the set up by replacing the xt live with a hd 500 and the keyboard amp with a stagesource L3t.

I am guessing this should be no problem?

the roland has standard 1/4 inch jack outputs (stereo or mono)

I'm fairly happy with my setup but feel it could do with being upgraded to more modern/higher quality gear.

one of the downsides to the behringer is that the EQ covers all channels and that gives me issues when using the guitar synths more high or low frequency settings as I have to balance it

to what the xtlive needs, so seperate EQ would be good.

at the moment i just use the amp for all my volume and dont go to the desk as we only play pubs/parties etc. there's only one venue where we have to go to a desk and i usually DI from the keyboard amp

so I guess the stagesource can do that too?

any opinions/comments welcome.


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