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POD HD Desktop Recording Advice
by superkungfukid on 2013-01-28 09:38:00.1270

Hi Folks, I just had some questions regarding studio recording with the POD HD. I literally just got the POD HD Desktop version this past Saturday afternoon and used it in the studio the following Sunday afternoon (yesterday), despite not sitting down with the unit AT ALL prior to taking it to the studio with me. I was able to get a decent sound (we were just scratch tracking so I wasn't too concerned with getting a finalized tone), with just the blackface double model and the hiway 100 model. I only had the amp model with default cab and mic settings for each running. All of my effects came from an M13 in between my guitar and the POD HD - I was using the 1/4" outs with TRS cables into a snake that was run to the mixer/pro tools set up. I haven't had a chance to really get into the POD and mess with things and make sure that the output setting is even correct (studio/direct), I guess yesterday I just assumed it was set to studio output by default. Late last night I did all the available updating and got the edit software, etc.; so now I'm ready to start tweaking away.

I intend to emulate my M13 effect settings on the POD so that for recording purposes everything is relatively self contained (with the exception of an external volume pedal and occasional Barber Tone Press between my guitars and the POD). I use mostly Telecasters (though I do use a Strat and Les Paul sometimes too), but they vary in pickup configuration - for example two of them have typical 60's style lower output single coils, but the other two have vintage 70's Wide Range Humbuckers which are a bit on the hotter side of the fence (because of this, I'll probably do most of my tweaking with the wide range humbucker equipped guitars since they'll represent the highest input signal I'm likely to ever hit the POD with). Pretty much all recording I do at this particular studio will involve the same scenario I described above as far as the 1/4" outs into a snake into the mixer/computer - I will be recording at this studio periodically for at least the next 5 to 6 months so I want to set my POD up with this in mind.

My absolute primary concern is avoiding digital clipping at all costs, both within the POD internally and upon output (though I think the engineer will let me know if my output signal is too hot; but I'd like to avoid that issue in the first place). I am not a high gain player (blues, r&b, indie, brit pop, ambient stuff), and intend to set my amp patches up primarily as clean to semi-clean amps with overdrives generally being handled by the internal overdrive/distortion models. I will only ever use this POD for recording purposes and would love to hear the suggestions experienced studio users have for setting my levels correctly within the POD to avoid digital clipping. My only previous experience with a POD has been with the XT models and the POD HD is quite a different animal...Any advice for this newbie?

Re: POD HD Desktop Recording Advice
by spaceatl on 2013-01-28 11:20:17.6080

Sounds pretty straightforward...HD used the M effects, so that should map pretty easily...

Just a thought...

If the studio has a coax-spdif available, I would suggest using that output on the HD Desktop to possibly elimiate the DAC->ADC that is happening to get your into thier protools...Or...You could use the SPDIF out for the dry option, so you could capture a dry track at the same time and reamp the track later using real amps and pedal, HD Desktop, Amplitube, POD Farm or whatever....More security on the take I think...

Re: POD HD Desktop Recording Advice
by superkungfukid on 2013-01-28 13:14:11.8490

Indeed, the effect duplication shouldn't pose any major hurdles - although I'm guessing some of the mix levels and output levels may need some degree of tweaking compared to what I'd have running live through an actual tube amp.

The effects duplication issue isn't so much of a concern to me as avoiding internal digital clipping is (except of course in the context of the internal effects contributing to said digital clipping). I'm more looking for studio recording specific advice as to what kinds of pitfalls to watch out for and tips/tricks I can employ - balancing volume levels correctly and such. I guess I'm just trying to find out what kind of "sweet spots" others have found as far as getting the desired sound and feel of an amp model without it clipping inside the POD itself in undesired ways. I've got a good 2 or 3 weeks before I'm in the studio again, and in the interim I want to get my POD as optimal as possible so I can just plug in and play, more or less, and simply be able to switch to a given patch for a song or part without much thought or too much on the fly tweaking.

I do hope to be able to try out the spdif out at some point, but it is not likely to happen in this studio. It is a good idea about the dry tracking for a re-amp option later - definitely something to consider down the road; but for this particular project it probably won't be necessary.

Re: POD HD Desktop Recording Advice
by superkungfukid on 2013-01-30 12:51:55.3410

I wanted to give a big thanks and shout out to meambobbo for the loads of useful info found within his deceptively titled "Pod HD High Gain Tone Guide". Despite the aim of your guide being directed at high gain settings, there is just as much useful information there for clean and mid gain tones, as well as general parameter tweaking, as there is for achieving high gain tones. In fact, it really could be simply called the "Pod HD Tone Guide" and left at that. I didn't initially look at the guide because I don't use high gain tones with any frequency and didn't realize how generally useful much of the info was to any guitar player using the HD. Thanks again meambobbo!

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