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Am I the only one disappointed with the firmware feature list?
by blomasky on 2013-01-28 12:18:25.9140

A year after the M20D was announced, over 6 months since I received mine, we finally get version 1.1 and I find the list of new features a huge disappointment!  The competing products (Macke, Behringer) have all come out with numerious updates with bug fixes and new features, Line 6, ONE upgrade with a couple new features.  It seems like there is no one listening to our requests at Line 6.  (There have been so many suggestions that would make this mixer easier to work with!).  The M20D was (and still is) so much ahead of the competition, but with them going this slow, 1 year for some required bug fixes and a couple of new features, I am thinking that the turtle(s) will catch up with the hare!  Wondering if I made a huge mistake investing in this technology almost a year ago! 

I was really hoping for some new UI features to make it faster / easier to "turn" the encoders. 

I wonder if it will be another 12 months until we get version 1.2 with a few more new features...

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Re: Am I the only one disappointed with the firmware feature list?
by Vettaville-nl on 2013-01-28 23:53:19.6450

I'll first load it, and from there I'll see what changes they made. So far, with all the other Line6 stuff I have they didn't disappoint me.

Ah well, time will tell what more comes down the update pipeline..


- Hans

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