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Variax 69 and hd500 no sound
by Melissiah on 2013-01-29 05:38:16.8480

I receive my jtv69 and my pod hd500 yesterday. I did every updates and according to monkey I'm up to date everywhere.

Before I go back to music store and looks like a fool I just wanna be sure all my connections are ok.

Variax in pod hd500 with digital cable. Guitar is powered without the battery so all good for now.

Input 1 guitar + variax

input 2 same

in fact I tried every combinations

output tried studio and stack

no sound is comming out from my blank patch. When I use a 1\4 jack everything is fine.

Any clue? I also tried another rj45 cable and same thing.

Another diseapointement is about the model knob. The one from the guitar I tried at store wasnt working. Looks like it was too deep. We had to remove it to be able to active piezos. Same thing with my new one. Unable to activate it so I put a small paper to fill the socket a bit but after 2 clicks the glue that keeps the metal and plastic part broke. Well... is it a common bug? After 5 minutes of playing a screw for the input jack felled to the ground. After an hour my fingers of my left hand are all black and the fingerboard looks pale at some points. Is it true rosewood or what?

Well thanks in advance

Re: Variax 69 and hd500 no sound
by Melissiah on 2013-01-29 09:09:42.5230

Knobs answer here">">

It's a shame that no one in the chain test the on button before selling it. Poor quality control...

For the screw it's impossible to put it back. The guy who build that part of the guitar simply turn his screw driver so much that the hole is bigger than the screw. I'll fix that with the old toothpick trick.

Still no sound via rj45 tho

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