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Which Rode Micon connector for Line 6 XD-V75?
by Kilpo on 2013-01-30 00:24:10.0950

I just ordered a XD-V75TR for use with a Rode Pinmic. The salesman tells me I need the Micon3 connector, but I am unable to find any supporting documentation for that recommendation. Does anyone know if the Micon3 is the correct connector?

Re: Which Rode Micon connector for Line 6 XD-V75?
by RonMarton on 2013-01-30 01:49:52.4370

Rode's Micon 3 does physically fit, Kilpo...

And the pinouts are correct for signal "hot", signal "cold", level, impedance and DC power,


  1. I'm not aware of successful implementations of Rode's PinMic with V70 or V75 beltpacks and
  2. I've also seen nothing to suggest that you'll be able to avoid experimentation along the lines undertaken by others who did (eventually) achieve successful operation of Rode's HS-1 headsets with their V70 beltpacks.

The history of that process is covered in this discussion:  

I'd also add that me being Australian didn't stop me from "giving up" on Rode's PinMics, in spite of their very fine sound when connected to the Sennheiser beltpacks that I was then using for TV series production.

All of us ended up being heartily sick of "pin stick" injuries, so we ended up returning to more common "standard" lavalier mics and (where necessary) concealing them under clothes with "body tape", ...using this magic little "rustle-stopper" (available in beige or black) from Sanken:

Re: Which Rode Micon connector for Line 6 XD-V75?
by Kilpo on 2013-01-31 13:29:08.4330

Hi Ron,

Thanks for taking the time to share your experience. Prior to my post, I had read the discussion thread you forwarded - and it was all way over my novice head. My decision to give the Rode Pinmic a try is my attempt to get my wife (who is also a pastor) to get wired and away from the corded mic on a stand in my attempt to get best audio possible while recording video. She won't wear a headset, doesn't want a lavalier, doesn't want to hold a wireless handmic. She was receptive to the idea of a pinmic - so I am willing to give it a try. I know it will work on our Shure wireless system - so I'm not dead in the water. Based on your answer, I won't worry about the pinmic not working correctly with the Line6 (and won't blame myself for operator error!). The advantages to the Line6 for me are the long distance reception and excellent reviews on the handmic which will be the primary purpose.

By the way, I will also be investing in a good headset for use with the Line 6 for use by our Praise & Worship pastor, so any suggestions would be appreciated. I was considering the Rode HS, but based on reported compatibility problems with Line6, I am looking at other options. I did read some good things about Crown and I am also considering a Countryman. I really haven't seen much in the way of reviews on the Line6 headset - but that is obviously an option. Anyway, thanks for the reply. It was helpful.


Re: Which Rode Micon connector for Line 6 XD-V75?
by RonMarton on 2013-01-31 14:27:02.6590

Well, Scott,

Rode's PinMic is undoubtedly a beautiful-sounding (albeit rather expensive) lavalier, and as you're only fitting it to one person, (unlike our need to constantly re-attach for costume changes) the "pin-stick into finger" problems that we suffered may well not occur, ...especially not now that you're forewarned.

There are, however, two other critical issues that apply to your intended use:

  1. Gain. As I mentioned earlier, I'm unaware of anyone having reported the levels that a PinMic actually feeds into a V70/V75 beltpack and
  2. Feedback. Like the majority of lavaliers, the PinMic is omnidirectional, meaning it picks up sounds from all around.

That second point may well give you a lot of grief, as the chest location of such a lavalier requires much more gain than the "next to the corner of the mouth" position that allows the successful use of (seemingly similar) omnidirectional headset mics with PA systems such as yours.

Like all radiation, (such as light) sound follows the "inverse square law", whereby halving the distance doesn't merely double the gain, it yields four times as much, (the square of two) with a third the distance yielding nine times as much !

So my suggestion would be that you hold off on investing in a PinMic until after your wife has experienced for herself the amazing comfort and unobtrusive excellence of the mic that I'd recommend for your pastor, of these:

(Also available from other reputable audio suppliers such as  or )

I own a dozen of them for my eight XD-V beltpacks, four configured with large windshields for exclusive use by rugby referees, with the remaining eight being used for exactly your type of vocal (PA) work. (Feel free to click on my pink avatar at left for details of my location rig.)

(A little "tip": a tiny dab of clear silicone "goo", the type used for sealing leaks in tiling and shower recesses, carefully applied from a pin's head to the side of the SE50's mic body is a great way to avoid the mid-sermon loss of its foam "pop-stopper" windshield, even though Samson, uniquely, include several spares ...and their replacement parts are cheap.

That "goo" is then easily "rubbed off" and re-applied when replacement is eventually needed.)

I'm confident that, once tried, the Samson SE50 will become an indispensible part of your spreading The Word via Line 6's brilliant beltpacks. 

Re: Which Rode Micon connector for Line 6 XD-V75?
by Kilpo on 2013-02-01 01:32:38.7650

Hi Ron,

Thank you so very much. I live in a small town in the middle of an irrigated desert in central Washington state, USA. I had no experience with A/V and PA systems prior to about 9 months ago when by necessity I commenced making the musical equipment purchases for our small ministry. So we bought a keyboard, a drum set, some speakers, 8 very good corded mics, an amp, etc. Then I moved into learning about A/V recording with the ultimate goal of producing DVDs of sermons to give away. At present, I am sending the sound signal into a Canon EOS Rebel T4i camera from the TapeOut jacks on a very old Behringer mixer (soon to be replaced) into an AV Direct box for a balanced signal then into a JuicedLink box and then into camera. Through trial and error, I am getting descent recorded sound quality using a cheap ($35) Shure wireless headset mic. I am excited to experience the sound we will get as we continue to acquire quality equipment one piece at a time. In this regards, your recommendations are very much appreciated. I will check out the Sampson headset you suggest. Thanks again.

Scott (a blank slate)

Re: Which Rode Micon connector for Line 6 XD-V75?
by RonMarton on 2013-02-01 04:18:42.7930

I'm still learning too, Scott...

...And it's always a privilege (and a pleasure) to be able in some way to "repay" the huge amount of help others gave me when I was starting out in this wonderful world of audio, "passing it on" to others.

So, don't hesitate to ask.

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