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XD-V70 Digital wireless - Environment filter
by evtilsley on 2013-01-30 07:58:54.3480

Having tried a good number of tests, I cant get on with the 'Talk' filter one bit. It sounds to me like the mic is way too far away & the talent has a bag over their head. Even 'Norm' somewhat strangles the audio, to my ear. This is a shame as I like what they do to the background noise. What I need is a setting inbetween 'Off' and 'Norm'. I'm currently only using 'Off' and unless I find I'm doing something wrong, will never use the filters again.

Any views guys?

Re: XD-V70 Digital wireless - Environment filter
by RonMarton on 2013-01-30 11:08:55.1310

I must say that your disatisfaction with the "Norm" setting surprises me, as I've often used that setting (for over a year now) to "clean up" pickup from a wide variety of microphones, as I now rely on my multiple XD-V70 beltpacks as a wireless "replacement" for 100 metres of star-quad Canare multicore.

It's even received many favourable comments when "splitting" those "cleaned-up" outputs directly from the receivers to multi-track for later "album" re-mixing.

(Click on my pink avatar at left for details of my location rig.)

The "Talk" setting has also proven to be really handy for "automating" a multi-mic "teleconference" situation, (eight simultaneous Samson SE50 omni headworns, in my case) or for an "open mic" announcer in a "fairground PA" environment, ...but CAN sound really nasty (to my ears) in the absence of the masking provided either by other signals, or by the significant ambient noise that attends a typical "speech only" PA setting.

Nevertheless, your implied proposal that Line 6 should develop a bigger range of optional "Environment" settings for later models (that you and I might then acquire via "Monkey" firmware upgrades) is one that I'd greet with a hearty "YES, PLEASE !"

A truly brilliant idea!

As for you "doing something wrong", ...I can't imagine what that might be.

Re: XD-V70 Digital wireless - Environment filter
by dboomer on 2013-01-30 16:01:48.7110

The environment filters were intended to work when the mic is not being used and is unattended.  You are hearing the filters work (which is not a good thing) because you are not putting a strong enough level into the mic relatively speaking.  But that's why we allow you to switch it off.  Other manufacturers use gates, which they do not allow you to switch off and they simply cut off your first syllable or two.

There is no reason that you have to use it at all you just won't get that benefit and may have to deal with unintended stage noise in the ways that you would with an ordinary wired mic.

I rarely use the "talk" setting as it is only suitable for speech only applications.  I rarely have a problem with the "normal" setting when I'm mixing musical shows however I usually switch it off if I'm using Lav mics.

Re: XD-V70 Digital wireless - Environment filter
by evtilsley on 2013-01-31 04:02:09.0450

Info I didnt post is that for my applications I use Lav mics only. The results is get when using 'Talk' sounded heavily compromised. 'Norm' was better but I still felt there was something missing in the resulting audio (in the voice recorded).

I concur it did a great job of hiding background noise (in my most recent test, a meeting room's air con unit). So I've been using 'Off' and lightly tweaking in post-production.

Re: XD-V70 Digital wireless - Environment filter
by RonMarton on 2013-01-31 12:49:08.7040


I get it now. There's no way that I'd tolerate the "Talk" setting's opening and closing "swish-like" variations in my dialog tracks either.

Come to that, even the "Norm" setting's relatively subtle artefacts would probably give me grief, especially when mixing tracks from a softly spoken lav-miked actor (or actors) with those from fishpoles.

But then, I'm sure that the complex "sliding" high-pass and dynamic processing that Line 6 calls their "Environment Filter" was never intended for that application.

Now that your post's made them aware of it, I wonder whether (and when) Line 6's innovative "back room boffins" will set about designing future so-called "Filter" firmware for their receivers that may enable a wider range of applications ?

After all, they've already started down that path with the marvellously useful "SF" ("Speech Filter") and "IF" ("Instrument Filter") settings that only "arrived" (relatively recently) with the XD-V75s and consequent "v2" firmware upgrades for their V70 beltpack transmitters

Re: XD-V70 Digital wireless - Environment filter
by evtilsley on 2013-02-25 03:45:58.6530

That would be a dream come true !!

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