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HD500 Jari Mäenpää's(Wintersun) lead tone
by Pete1995 on 2013-01-30 10:39:13.0790

Hello. First of all i love Jari Mäenpää and Wintersun, i love his amazing tone and i love everything about him(no homo).

I bought POD HD500 a month ago and i've been struggling with it ever since. I just finished reading meambobbo's guide(quick version) and i didn't understand half of it, because this modern revolutionaly modeling amp thing is completely new to me. I kind of understand the point of those EQ's and i know what low, mid and high frequency means but all that hassle with output levels and other stuff so the notes come out as they should.

Now the point is that i love his solo/lead tone @ 3:17->4:19 and 6:57->7:58 He uses Axe fx 2, simul class 2:90 and mesa rectifier 4x12 cabinets live and Mesa Triaxis, simul class 2:90 and mesa rectifier 4x12 cabs. I have the same guitar with same pickups (emg 81 and 60) so it's all about the POD now and fingers of course haha. If you guys could give me some tips, that how i could get that kind of crystal clear, little crispy/smooth solo sound? Where should i start?  what eq's, distortion pedals and amp/cab do you guys recommend to get that kind of distortion sound? to my ear it sounds like that he doesn't have that much gain, just enough. I can't figure out that EQ thing. Where should i start tweaking and what frequencies etc? I know that i'm not going to get the exact same sound, but i want it as close as possible AND i'm not asking you to start making me a patch, unless you want to. Remember that i'm a noob with these things, so please mature answers. Also i'm finnish and my english is not the best out there. And.. i'm playing through headphones/speakers on studio/direct mode. Thanks!

Re: HD500 Jari Mäenpää's(Wintersun) lead tone
by michaldivis on 2013-02-21 11:56:18.7310


Im not expert, but I think you should try this:">">

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