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xt live pitch bending/whammy bar effect ?
by polishfalcon on 2013-01-31 06:56:59.0900

Hope someone can help.. I am new to line 6 pod xt live and this forum.. I am an old school stomp box guy who has been out of music for 17 years.. sold all my old gear years ago.. I have been rounding up "new gear " to hopefully play again.  In short, I was used to using a guitar with a locking trem on it, but I heard there is an effect in this device to use the expression pedal for "trem bar pitch bending" , cant find it. perhaps I need to use the monkey to load it in ( possible i do not have it).  what is the name of the effect or patch if available?  Anyhow, thanks to anyone out there who can help me wrap my 49 year old,  old school brain around this incredible but ( to me ) complicated device.

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