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POD X3 - Component to run PODX3 out to multiple sources - switching
by louhazosc on 2013-02-01 12:21:48.9720

I was just wondering if there is a way I can do this with something like a patchbay or some type of switching system. I'm not very knowledgable when it comes to switching systems and the "wet"/"dry" guitar setups. I've always kept it simple.

This would only be for a live type sound when practicing and such.

I currently have my little home studio set up with the PODX3 and there are 3 outputs that I want to utilize from time to time starting from the PODX3 output.

1. Guitar->PODX3->Metaltronix M1000 Amp. Just to get the M100 acting like a power amplifier for that nice tube warm sound.

2. Guitar->PODX3->Marshall 9100 Power Amp->Speaker Cabinet. Just to keep it simple.

3. Guitar->PODX3->ADA MP1/Alesis Quadraverb/BBE Sonic Maximizer->Power amp. I love the ADA and sometimes I just like the alesis. This is a goofy one but I like it.

So of course right now if I want to switch between any of the 3 it is a matter of unplugging and switching a cable or two around to the PODX3 output.

Is there anything out there that I can run between the PODX3 and the 3 systems and allow for switching between them whenever I feel like it?

Of course noise is a factor the more stuff you add so the quiter the better.

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