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How to correct the intonation on a JTV-89 ?
by killergege on 2013-02-02 09:15:21.9290


I feel a bit dumb asking that here but I have an intonation issue with my JTV-89, on the B and high E strings.

So not a big deal, I look for the allen wrench provided with the JTV and try to find the right one. And there... boom. I can't find any way to stick this allen wrench in the bolt head as the pickups are in the way and the only allen wrench that is short enough is too small.

So how did YOU managed to change the intonation of your JTV-89 ?

The only ways I can think of right now are :

- removing the pickups... hummm quite a lot of work.

- changing the action, raising the bridge, so that the bolt heads are higher than the pickup... But I'm satisfied with the action right now, and setting the intonation with another action than the one I want is useless.

- sawing the allen wrench to shorten it... it's the best option so far

Did I miss something ?

Re: How to correct the intonation on a JTV-89 ?
by Nipp on 2013-02-02 10:02:19.5230

I think bridge is the same for 59-model:">">

Intonation is pretty much dependent on the action you've got, so that is not the solution.

Re: How to correct the intonation on a JTV-89 ?
by Krontab on 2013-02-03 06:01:08.4680

I had this issue with my 59. The solution for me was to lower the pickups to the bezel and use a ball end allen wrench.

Re: How to correct the intonation on a JTV-89 ?
by Nipp on 2013-02-03 06:18:27.4200

That's kind of disturbing that you have to go that far just to adjust intonation.

Two piece solutions, like on Gibsons, are much better then if they would have use those.

a) Then you also can adjust string pressure in bridge in a nice way.

b) you could use standard bridges to replace(if L.R.Baggs had these with piezos)

But I guess width of neck is different on JTV as well.

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