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XDV 30 & 35 Grille Screens
by Reason413 on 2013-02-02 12:01:53.0350

Ok.. so this is going to sound like I am NUTS  but I mat not be alone here...  I do not like the look of these mics as far as the heads at all.. they sound amazing which is more important.. but I am a singer with VERY big hands... these mics look ridiculous in photos of me singing... I want to change the grille screens to regular SM58 screens ( painted black )  will this change the sound??  to my ears there is no difference at all but you guys seem to know al the technicals so I figured I would ask...  I wish that the heads it came with, because I do like the style just not how they arent much bigger than the diameter of the transmitter...   I know this is crazy and annoying but hey.. if I'm going to sound great, I may as well look good doing it

Re: XDV 30 & 35 Grille Screens
by RonMarton on 2013-02-02 14:47:34.3010

No! Not the least bit "NUTS".

"Image" is an absolutely vital part of all performances ...and even more vital, the performer's confidence.

I cannot imagine that any acoustically transparent mesh screen would have even as much effect as the almost inaudible variation that must arise whenever a foam "popper stopper" windshield is slid over a the grille of a hand mic.

Speaking of which, such "foamies" may solve your problem in a much cheaper way.

If it's "basic black" you're after, these are the ones I arrived at for use with my Line 6 handhelds, as they're the cheapest I could find that both fit snugly and consist of urethane that's solid enough to last quite a while:

Something you can't easily do in metal, however, is to have an "art-directed" variety of colours available ...and the US company WindTech do a fabulous range of colours and styles in durable polyurethane.

WindTech's extensive range of colours that fit Line 6 handhelds (the 1-5/8" size) starts at the bottom of this page and goes on to the next page (8) of this link:

By the way, do Shure SM58 replacement grilles actually screw on to Line 6's capsule threads?

It's something I'd never thought to try, but if they do, not only would there be many sources of cheap replacements, but the sight of a 58 or beta58 grille would be a great "placebo" for checking whether or not some performers really can tell the difference between Line 6's modeling and the Shure originals.

Before the "hate mail" starts, you will see from some of my earlier posts that I am fully aware of experienced performers' genuine dependence on the exact proximity-induced characteristics of their "known" mics ...and I do always insist that their needs be met whenever possible.

(I do, however, "draw the line" at the contract rider that insists on red M&Ms backstage. Any person with the least bit of audio engineering experience knows full well that the BLUE ones yield a far more rounded bass response.) 

Re: XDV 30 & 35 Grille Screens
by Reason413 on 2013-02-02 15:59:27.0180

Yes they do fit with no problem at all ...  I painted one gloss black and put it on today.. not sure I like it tho I dunno...   I may just go with the regular grey one if I change at

Re: XDV 30 & 35 Grille Screens
by RonMarton on 2013-02-02 16:08:15.5280

That's REALLY handy to know !

Some of the Art Directors I with whom I work love to create "jewelled" and/or outrageously coloured orbs atop performers' mics.

I'll now emulate you by getting in a few spare grilles for them to "attack".

Many thanks.

Re: XDV 30 & 35 Grille Screens
by Reason413 on 2013-02-02 18:13:08.6340

What I am most happy about is you did not argue with me about the look of the Line 6 mics..... if the head was just bigger it would look awesome... as crazy as it sounds people tend to pic mics by BRAND first, how cool it looks second.. the RIGHT mic for them 3rd...      I picked this mic based on reviews, the price, and when I tested it I was amazed that it gave me the same tonal quality I could expect from an SM58 but only WAAAAAY Clearer...  its only later that I kind of realized how silly I looked in photos...  like I said I am a big guy with very big hands... Ive been made fun of in photos when holding a wired mic because you cant see the mic at all LOL  ( no I dont cup it )   just funny...

When these things are fuly Dry I will take some photos and share them with you so you can see how they look with Black ball heads on them

Re: XDV 30 & 35 Grille Screens
by RonMarton on 2013-02-02 18:22:09.4740

As the cliché goes, beauty is always in the eye of the beholder !

...And (now armed with your information) I will also be mounting some "placebo" SM58 grilles to forestall an entirely different form of "grilling" from certain performers.

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