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POD Studio UX2 & GuitarPort cross-licensing?
by bratkovic on 2013-02-02 14:09:07.4650

Hi there.

I was an avid GuitarPort user for years, and I have two expansion sets too. I recently bought a brand spanking new UX2 that came with a POD Farm 2. I have both devices authorized, I even got two of my computers authorized. Now the problem is this. I just installed POD Farm 2.55 and it works no problem with UX2 but does not with GuitarPort. How come I was able to install both expansions that I got months before on that same UX2 but I am not authorized to use my GuitarPort with the same account that has both devices authorized and I clearly have a pod farm 2 license. I would really like to use my GuitarPort too because it is darn mobile compared to UX2.

I kinda feel let down now ... the expansion installed smoothly to the UX2 but the POD farm 2 license that works with UX2 doesn't work with GuitarPort. I know GuitarPort users aren't eligible to use POD Farm 2 without seperate license, but I kinda bought that same license with UX2, didn't I?


Re: POD Studio UX2 & GuitarPort cross-licensing?
by TheRealZap on 2013-02-02 15:47:14.5860

thats because licenses included with the hardware belong to the hardware and not the user....

(meaning pod farm 2.5 belongs to your UX2 and can only be used with the UX2)

licenses you buy on their own... belong to you...and you can use them on any eligible hardware you own...

this is why your model packs work in both places.

sorry not the answer you want... but hopefully that makes sense now. (even if you don't agree with it)

Re: POD Studio UX2 & GuitarPort cross-licensing?
by bratkovic on 2013-02-03 02:02:45.2460

Very nice business intelligence. So basically L6 just wants to suck more and more money out of me? This is probably the last L6 piece of shit I bought

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