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Powered Cabinet or Combo Amp for Output od HD400?
by hhuffman on 2013-02-02 16:23:19.2420

Good Evening,

I have a monster of a head/ cab combo (100w H&K Switchblade and 4x12 cab) which I am finding to be overkill in my living room as I can't get its great sounds to come out at the low levels I play at. I am going to keep everything in place, but just got a HD400 to scale back a bit.

At home my plan is to run the HD400 through the cleanest channel setting of the H&K and cab at a very low volume leveland use all the controls of the HD to manage the output. My first question is whether I will have full control of the HD sounds with the head volume turned so low?

My second question is the best way to make my HD400 into a combo amp. I have read somewhere about power amp/ speaker combos (Tech21 Power Engine 60?), that look like a regular combo amp, but lack the preamp, a void (figurative, not literal) which the HD would fill. So if I wanted to travel with this system I could, and together use it as a combo amp.

Is there a benefit of running this system over just getting a 1x12 solid state combo amp which would be pretty cheap?

Thank you,


Re: Powered Cabinet or Combo Amp for Output od HD400?
by wetredbox on 2013-02-02 20:15:01.8520

ebay, look for Randall RM50 or RM100.  these are excellent and go for a fraction of what they used to cost.  You can also spend your money on full analog preamps that blast the hell out of the L6 and still have many more amps with thte L6 on hand.  go now

Re: Powered Cabinet or Combo Amp for Output od HD400?
by Crusty_Old_Rocker on 2013-02-03 02:48:21.1350

There are definite benefits of running the POD HD through a Full Range Flat Response (FRFR) speaker.  A combo amp will impart its own tonal character to the modelled sound via its tone stack and the speaker being used.  If you want to get accurate modelled amp tones from the POD HD then a powered PA speaker is the best option.  It's the same as going direct to the FOH in a performance situation where a guitarist will route the POD directly to the FOH PA.

I have gigged with a POD going direct to the PA and it sounds great.

Give it a try for yourself and you'll hear what I mean.  You'll get a faithful reproduction of the modelled amp tone at any volume.



Re: Powered Cabinet or Combo Amp for Output od HD400?
by hhuffman on 2013-02-04 05:45:06.7700

Here are the options that I am aware of in front of me:

Used Tech 21 PE 60 for $200

Used Line 6 Spider IV 30 for $90

Or anything such as you mention above.

From searches I found that the Randall options are twice as much used as the Tech 21, and since the T21 gets such great reviews I am not sure it would be worth it for me.

Does the line 6 Spider have a direct pass through that will allow me to play through it without the amp "coloring"?

Thank you,


Re: Powered Cabinet or Combo Amp for Output od HD400?
by dbagchee on 2013-02-04 07:43:12.7050

While a FRFR speaker will give you the "purest" amplification of the tones, if you prefer the amp form factor the Power Engine is probably the better choice of the two (PE or Spider). The PE has a nicer speaker and could be loud enough for gigging if you didn't want to lug the H&K. You could use the mp3/cd in on the Spider to bypass the preamp but the speaker on the Spider will still color the sound a bit.   That said, you will need to tweak the sound no matter what - even through a FRFR - since all speakers sound different - though the FRFR will probably give you the best starting point.

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