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Fixing volume/wah switch on X3 Live?
by eam1990 on 2013-02-02 16:56:58.6230

Hello all. I came back from my vacations and I found that the switch that activates the wah pedal doesn't work anymore (which is weird because I rarely used it, and when I did, it was gently in my bedroom). I checked it starting the POD in set up mode (pressing the right pad when powering on) and it doesn't work.

Anyway, I haven't found much info on how to fix exactly this, but I did find a great video on Youtube of someone showing how to fix one of the other switches (in this case the tap/tuner one). He mentions that it might just be dirt between the switch and the board as well, and shows how to clean or replace the switch if needed.

My question is, would the procedure be the same for the switch for the wah/volume pedal? I felt I should better ask before opening up the X3. I don't have official Line 6 support where I live.

Thank you!

By the way here's the video if anyone's interested.">">

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