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Ex-1 and Ex-2 Pedal control question
by octave06 on 2013-02-03 08:26:42.7250

Hello there,

I have a pod hd500 and external expression pedal that I am using and plugged in Pedal2. My idea is to have the external pedal dedicated to a MIX parameter for one of my delays in the block, and have the line6 pedal switch between wah and volume. the problem im running to is I can't figure out how to do this setting. If I assign the delay mix control to EX-1 it also affects the volume pedal, and if I assign the delay mix control in EX-2 it affects the wah setting. I just want to have the external expression pedal dedicately control the delay mix without affecting EX-1 and EX-2 which are both assigned to the volume and wah. is there any way to do this?


Re: Ex-1 and Ex-2 Pedal control question
by gortur on 2013-02-04 08:13:11.1620

If I understand your question correctly there's a simple solution to this. Insert a wah block and a volume pedal block into your patch. Set them both to be toggled on and off by assigning them to the exp pedal foot switch, and make sure that the volume pedals volume parameter is controlled by the EX-1 pedal. Then insert a delay block and assign the mix parameter to be controlled by the EX-2 pedal.

Now EX-1 works as a volume pedal and when you press (hard) with your foot you toggle the volume pedal off (while still at its max value) and kick in your wah to be controlled by the same pedal. And the delay mix is by itself on the EX-2 pedal. I just gave it a try on my HD-500 and it worked fine.

Good luck!

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