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POD Live XT sound quality problem
by czubaka on 2013-02-03 09:37:22.9450

Hello everyone.

My name is Maciek, I am from Poland

I wrote a year ago.

I still have the same problem with my POD XT live.

When I am trying to use my POD as a soundcard, and for example I play a mp3 via POD, a sound is terrible, distorted, noisy with a lot of  iterferences.

When I connect the POD to amplifier via "output", everything is OK. The problem only occurs when recording, when I have to use a POD as a sound card, so there were no delays.
I installed the latest drivers, changed my power supply, I changed the USB cable. I tried on another computer, and everywhere the same.
I have no idea what could be wrong. Maybe a hardware is damaged. I thought to replace the capacitors on the input. If someone had the same problem please help.


Maciek "Czubaka"

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