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Issues Running HD 500 through Velocity 300 and 2 x 12 Cab
by icecreman on 2013-02-05 05:21:37.6160

Sorry in advance for the long winded explanation. I'm having an issue with my setup that I can't seem to solve even after sifting through many threads on this and other sites. I'm hoping someone has seen this issue and can help.

My current setup is Guitar > HD 500 > Rocktron Velocity 300 (Bridged) > Avatar close backed 2x12 cab with Eminence Legend 1216 speakers wired at 8 ohms mono all connected with 1/4" cables.

I've been trying to dial in my sound in the HD 500 for this setup with no cab modelling (since I'm using a real cab) but the sound coming out has this wierd treble distortion over top the hi gain tones. The tones are good but the treble distortion on top ruins it. If I use a full model with cabs modelled the sound cleans up but it loses its fullness. By fullness I mean is doesn't get that thick hi gain tone anymore. The sound kind of thins out to a more classic rock tone no matter what amp model I'm using. Changing cab models will thicken the tone but then certian lower notes overdrive the speakers even at bedroom volumes. My thoughts are that modelled cabs going into a real cab is causing this.

It is my understanding that the POD HD 500 should be set up with no cabs when using a real guitar cabinet so what gives?

Here's what I've tried so far....

I've tested all output settings on the HD. Studio Direct, Combo Power Amp, Stack Power Amp, Front... etc. With the cabs off the Combo Power Amp sounds best but still has that treble distortion on top. With the cabs on Studio Direct sounds best but I lose that full tone.

Without the cab modelling I've tried Pre-amps and full amps with no success at removing the treble distortion. Played with all the settings on amp models with no good results (Bass, Mid, Treble, Drive, etc.)

I've tried running the HD with the Master all the way up and using the Velocity's volume control to control volume and I've tried diming the Velocity's volume and using the HD's Master to control volume. Same results both ways.

I've tried changing the output switch on the HD from Line to Amp... no change except for reduced volume on Amp setting.

If I run a clean amp (Twin) with no cab I don't get the treble distortion, it's seems that it only happens with hi gain amps (Solo, Treadplate, Fball etc.)

I don't run into this issue when I run the HD into studio monitors or PA speakers but I need to get this working with the 2x12 cab. We mike the cab when recording so a PA speaker is not an option ( yes I know I can go direct to the board but we want more of a real mic'd sound)

Has anyone else had this issue? I'm at my wits end with this and I'm about to get rid of the whole rig.

I love the HD 500 and want to make it work. Thanks in advance for your input.

Re: Issues Running HD 500 through Velocity 300 and 2 x 12 Cab
by PremiumJones on 2013-02-05 06:35:08.6780

First thing I would do is try the amp in stereo mode, simply becuase my Velocity has never done well in bridged mono mode.

Are you using both L and R outputs BTW? or only giving the Velocity a mono signal?

Re: Issues Running HD 500 through Velocity 300 and 2 x 12 Cab
by davidb7170 on 2013-02-05 06:39:35.4300

Just a quick note -- I also have a similar experience. Have been using a Crown Amp into a single 12 Eminence Tonker. Set up my own tones as none of the preloaded tones seemed to be that good to me. Tried all combinations of the output modes, was not impressed -- Studio Direct seemed best to my ears. I seem to fight some harsh resonance's, though. The JTV models never seem to sound as good as the actual pickups (I have the 59, and 69S JTV's). The models seem way too tinny -- no matter the bass/mid/treble settings...

This last weekend I decided to "crawl inside" it a bit more and mess with the output modes --  see what changes to the parameters would do. I'm still working on it, but I used my headphones in studio mode to listen to the JTV models, the HD500 stock tones, etc, and they sounded really pretty good in the headphones, totally different through my speaker. I switched the output mode -- unfortunately, it switches the tonality in all outputs on the 500 -- line out, XLR out, AND the headphone outs -- makes it harder to try to match what I was hearing in the phones to what I want out of the speaker... This has been my biggest disappointment with the POD HD500. They should have different settings for the line outs, XLR, and headphones.

ANYWAY -- I kept the sound I heard on the phones (in studio mode), switched to combo front mode for the amp and played with the parameters to see if I could match the same tone from the phones. The parameter I never really understand is the focus or mid-focus (don't have it in front of me). It is set at 570 Hz I think at default. I moved the focus frequency up, then down to see if I could tell what the effect is. When I moved it down, the harshness seemed to lessen, and the tones came closer to the headphone studio sound. I actually took it all the way down to the bottom of its range -- 100Hz, and the speaker response seems way more in line with the headphone studio mode tone, and the JTV model sounds seemed to tame down and actually sound better. The downside for me is I will have to re-tweak my tone banks a bit, as I was always chasing it in studio mode. My speaker is not FRFR, it's a guitar speaker and has response peaks in the mid and upper frequencies, even though I have it powered by a PA quality power amp.

I am still in the midst of exploring this and plan to try the stack front mode. I'm using the "front" modes because there is no tweaking the combo or stack power amp modes that I could find...

Anyway -- that's where I'm at in the process. I never really messed with any other mode very seriously before, as every time I did, I went YUCK and moved on -- usually back to studio mode. Another downside, I that I do go direct to the soundman's board out of my XLR outs, and will need to work with him, as it will be quite different due to the fact that all output modes go to all outputs -- that is aggravating. Should be studio to headphones always, and seperately switchable to XLR and 1/4" outputs.

My take on it....


Re: Issues Running HD 500 through Velocity 300 and 2 x 12 Cab
by icecreman on 2013-02-05 06:40:35.7300

I'm only giving the Velocity a mono signal. Just using Left output from HD. I didn't use stereo out of the velocity because my cab has two 16 ohm speakers wired in parallel for 8 ohms. I can try setting the velocity in stereo and just using one channel to test. Should I have the HD left and right outputs going to the two channel one inputs of the velocity?  Thanks.

Re: Issues Running HD 500 through Velocity 300 and 2 x 12 Cab
by icecreman on 2013-02-05 06:45:32.8280

Thanks Dave. I'll play with the settings in front modes as well to see if it helps any although on my setup the front modes sounded the worst. I agree about the global output settings but I feel it's not too difficult to switch output modes when needed. It sure would be nice to have the output settings tied to a setlist at minimum.

Re: Issues Running HD 500 through Velocity 300 and 2 x 12 Cab
by icecreman on 2013-02-06 04:49:13.8440


I adjusted the Front Stack and Front Combo output setting (turned down the focus per Dave's suggestion, Thanks Dave) and it made those outputs sound much better but I still have the fizzy sound on high gain settings. I also changed the Velocity to Stereo mode but no change there.

I did notice that if I crank the volume up on the Velocity to levels too loud for practice use in a house the fizzy sound seems to go away and the hi gain sounds appear to clear up. Does anyone using a Velcity 300 notice this? I don't get the fizzy sound at all using Cab sims with Studio Direct out but the sound thins out with cabs sims on and running through a real cab.

Re: Issues Running HD 500 through Velocity 300 and 2 x 12 Cab
by icecreman on 2013-02-06 12:45:42.2630

Well I gave up and ordered a DT25 amp. Anybody want to buy a Velocity 300?

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