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Unbalanced vs headphone output
by portisheader on 2013-02-05 15:09:00.4060


I own a HD300 connected to my Yamaha H80M reference monitors  through unbalanced outputs, left and right.

My settings for output mode=Studio and the back  switch for unbalanced outbut is set to "line".

On the lcd screen of hd300 where you setglobal settings , I see "live" is displayed on the left and on the right the amp\stack etc options to choose.

I believe this is the correct way to get monitors connected to hd300 and have stereo sound through speakers.Am I right?

What really bothers me is that with the same patch and settings , I hear a very nice tight overdrive tone through my Equation headphones(reference headphones) while through Yamaha monitors the overdrive tone gets dirty ,undefined

Am I doing something wrong? Perhaps the headphones I own are not flat ?

I'd be very happy if someone can help me.

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