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POD Farm VST problems help!
by brandon-doornbos on 2013-02-05 15:50:58.9600

Alright so I am recording some tracks for an upcoming EP, I recorded my guitars with podfarm VST in reaper. I turned off the vst after tracking hoping to remove the tone completely to customize the tone outside of podfarm. It stayed as the same tone I was using while tracking. Stand alone version was turned off. Tried changing to a different tone, still did not change, any suggestions to remove the tone so I can have my dry signal? I'd rather not have to retrack everything.

Re: POD Farm VST problems help!
by fflbrgst on 2013-02-07 05:58:12.8080

It apepars like you 'wrote' the Podfarmed sound direct to Reaper, rather than as an effect.  This can be accomplished by stem (track) rendering after recording, but Reaper automatically creates a new track for the stem, so that is unlikely that is what happened.  Remove the Podfarm VST from the track (don't just inactivate it), save the project and then reopen it - is the sound still processed?  If so, you somehow recorded the processed sound (VST on the insert?)

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