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DT50 2.0 Master Volume Issue on HD300
by bobevens on 2013-02-06 01:23:00.0990


I use an HD300 (2.0) with a DT50 212 and last week upgraded to the DT50 2.0 firmware. I wasn't too interested in additional amp models but figured it was bound to contain background enhancements. At our rehearsal last night, I did notice an improvement in the tone for some of the models (which I wasn't expecting) but could not work out why some higher gain patches were too loud. I read the warning during installation of the firmware that it may affect some saved settings so set about adjusting each of my (22) patches to reduce volume. This was proving difficult as it seemed to have little effect, channel volume would set the patch either too quiet or too loud no matter how much I set the amp model master volume. Then it occurred to me that the HD300 amp model master volume had no affect on DT50 volume like it did with the previous firmware. This has left me with each patch being either too quiet or too loud with nothing in between! Has anyone else experienced this or am I missing something?

Any comments appreciated.

Re: DT50 2.0 Master Volume Issue on HD300
by spaceatl on 2013-02-06 04:44:27.8380

Now that seems really strange to me...Are you sure that the amp model is not disabled in the HD300? Of course, the DT50 should be on channel B if this is the case...The net effect would what seems to be ineffective channel volume on the HD300...I am not quite understanding what you mean by amp model master volume...I hope you mean the Channel Volume...If you mean the little master volume on the back of HD300, then I would think that has never worked with the HD300 on the link with a DT....My HD400 master never has that I can recall on any firmware when on a DT...But I think I am just getting a little confused on exactly what is happening in your situation...

Re: DT50 2.0 Master Volume Issue on HD300
by dmatuszak on 2013-02-06 11:21:37.5100

I'm not sure this is related to your problem.  I purchased the HD500 less than a week ago and am still getting familiar with all the models.  Last night I was flipping through all of the amp models with no efffects in the loop just giving them a listen and noticed that several models were substantially louder than the rest.  In particular the JCM800 was alot louder.  When I went to adjust the volume even the slightest movement of any of the volume knobs dropped the volume by half.  I would think these models should all come preset with comparable volume levels.  As soon I adjusted the JCM volume relative to other amps the tone was terrible....probably the worse of any of them.  I've been playing for 40+ years and have always owned tube amps...Bogners, Marshalls, Fenders, MusicMans, name it.  If all the amp models sounded as bad as this one the 500 would be on it's way back.  Granted I still have alot to learn.  I can see this new digital modelling eating into alot of my playing time.  That being said it's really cool to be able to dial in so many different amps and effects. Has anyone else experienced this issue and if so know what's going on?

Re: DT50 2.0 Master Volume Issue on HD300
by bobevens on 2013-02-06 13:15:03.3040

Thanks for your response. I am talking about the amp's master volume in the edit mode which I have used to fine tune the channel volume as this only provides several large incremental steps of volume. I will double check that the amps were enabled but DT50 was in channel A. The firmware upgrade had reset all patch master volumes to 100% but reducing value for each had no effect. I'll come back to you when I can test at rehearsal volume.

Question though, should I be able to use DT50 controls for drive, bass, mid, treb and ch volume to adjust HD300?

Re: DT50 2.0 Master Volume Issue on HD300
by spaceatl on 2013-02-06 13:29:54.3640

Ok...Now I understand...You mean the AMP Modle DEP parameters...The Master on the DEP is NOT a volume control...Think of it in terms of how hard the master section is being pushed...That control makes little difference in volume...use the channel volume to make volume level corrections...These DEPs are part of the power amp model...

However, if you are using a DT50, I strongly urge you to try using the PRE version of the amp model...There are no DEP parameters on a PRE model. Since the DT50 is a morphing tube power amp, you don't really need them...The FULL version of the amp model does seem to work better for LVM mode on the DT...But you likely would be better off having separate patches for LVM and Full power....

Yes, Channel A controls on the DT will adjust the model in the HD300...handy for tweakage...

Re: DT50 2.0 Master Volume Issue on HD300
by bobevens on 2013-02-06 14:39:50.3600

That's great, thanks for your help.

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