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Analog chorus volume and...other
by evh5150combo on 2013-02-07 00:55:44.2150

Dear Friends, i found another post regarding this issue, but i did not find a solution. I use my Hd500 ONLY for effects with my peavey 5150 combo. I have just placed in the 4 CM the input 1 to guitar and input 2 to variax. I have just muted path "B" and placed path "A" panned to centre. When I place an analog chorus between FX Loop and Mixer, and I switch it on, the volume slightly increases, and this is a little frustrating when I play Live. Is there a solution? My firmware is the latest version.

After this I would like to talk about the HD500 in general. In this forum there are TONS and TONS and then TONS of discussions related to signal level adjustments here and there, Fx loop level drop, mixer db adjustments or Studio Eq to place for signal matching etc etc, while many people say (and It's true) that a M13 has not this levels issues at all and is more "plug and play". So my question is: What the hell is this? Why Line6 Engineers have not planned a "transparent" setup for this unit for using it like a normal M13? I like to play guitar, but since I've bought this unit, i find myself trying to setup the levels ALL the time and I don't like it. I think many users here have the same problem. This is frustrating. Many players here use 4CM with their amp and obviously use a MONO setup. But we have dual inputs, dual outputs, many stereo effects, and there is NO clear instructions of How to setup them properly, just tons of posts of users that are in my opinion "BETA TESTERS" and looks for a solution. I would like to see a manual in which there's written: "if you wanna have that kind of setup here are the settings", but written from line6, not from users. On the other hand, if you play studio direct an use mod amps, this is a great unit, but I'm not interested in it. I apologize for this post, I just would like to place my opinion.

Re: Analog chorus volume and...other
by jimsreynolds on 2013-02-08 05:12:51.7710

The level change with the chorus has been noted by many people.  There is no easy fix for it other than putting a studio EQ after the chorus, dropping the gain by a few dB and assigning it to the same switch as the chorus.  Both effects come on together and the level is then compensated.

As for the 'where is the official 4CM setup?'.   Well there ain't one (apart from a basic video) and it seems unlikely that there not be one for the HD series.  Plenty of discussion around the why's of this on the thread here -->">">

For now: you are at the mercy of us 'Beta Testers' 

Re: Analog chorus volume and...other
by evh5150combo on 2013-02-08 05:59:11.7510

Thank you Jim. I will make another adjustment with EQ (which is another block of my chain that blows out). I'm reading now that post. This Thread of Meambobbo is EXACTLY what I think:

"this is why i thought it would have been smart for line 6 to include some templates or use cases that could be switched back and forth on any patch that would go through the half dozen or so most popular use cases.

1) mono guitar - single amp - stereo/mono post effects (no dual paths, no mixer)

2) guitar + variax mixed - single amp - stereo/mono post effects (for mixing both mags and variax input into the same path...or switching between which is used on your variax) (input 1: guitar, input 2: variax, no dual paths, no mixer)

3) guitar + variax - independent paths (input 1: guitar, input 2: variax, default 4 blocks each in Channels A and B, not pre-split or post-mixer, default amp in channel B to none)

4) guitar + vocals - independent paths (same as above but input 2: mic)

5) guitar + aux - independent paths (same as above but input 2: aux)

6 play along - guitar + aux - independent paths - aux dry (same as above but all 8 effects blocks in Channel A)

7) mono guitar - dual amps (essentially what we have now with input 2: guitar/same)"

I'll go on there.

Thank You very much

Re: Analog chorus volume and...other
by jimsreynolds on 2013-02-08 07:02:25.4940

Not gonna argue with either of you.  Some basic templates would be useful (though you, like he, forgot 4CM ).

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