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Using MIDI CC# to control POD HD effect / amp parameters (Next update request)
by simon1176f on 2013-02-07 03:17:23.8490

I have been exploring the possibility of using a MIDI controller to change parameters within the POD HD series and I must say my jaw just hit the ground when I came to the realisation that you can only use TWO midi CC# to control effect and amp parameters. These are tied to the EXP 1 and EXP 2 controls. I understand that the EXP 1 and 2 can be used to change up to 50 parameters at once. The only available external CC# controls are tied to the expression pedal (on the HD500) so using the available MIDI CC# 001 and 002 from an external controller would be in place of the pedal (IMO pretty limited). I have come up with a design that would retrofit into a guitar with MIDI controllers (so for example I could control drive / phaser speed / reverb level / whatever) from a series of knobs on my guitar. My request for the next firmware / software update would be to include a number (10 or so) of available 'external MIDI controllers' that would be selected in the controller page where you currently assign EXP 1/2 to the effect parameters, that would be set to react to pre-determined incoming MIDI CC#'s. I love the POD HD but honestly I kinda assumed the MIDI implementation would not be so basic in this pro device.


Re: Using MIDI CC# to control POD HD effect / amp parameters (Next update request)
by Rewolf48 on 2013-02-07 04:47:37.9410

If its any consolation if you have a JTV Variax the Volume and Tone knobs become additional controllers in a POD HD, so the Tone Knob can control Delay Freeback and Phaser Speed, etc exactly as you are suggesting - personally with both hands occupied I find that I limit myself to the pedals (but I really would like EXP 3).

I do understand where you are coming from with this and I think it would be nice to have "External Controllers" as an option rather than mapping the MIDI controllers onto (and therefore overriding) the physical ones.  It would also be nice if the 2 JTV controllers could be mapped out over MIDI.

On the other hand of course most guitarists are luddites for whom guitar and amp perfection was achieved 40 or so years ago and struggle with the concept of MIDI patch change

Re: Using MIDI CC# to control POD HD effect / amp parameters (Next update request)
by phil_m on 2013-02-07 06:35:23.8600

If they do anything, I could see them give access to the amp model parameters via MIDI CC, simply because they added this functionality to the DT amps in the latest update for those. I think adding CC control the effects would be a little tricky. Because of the way you can move effects around in the signal chain, the only way I can see them doing it is by assigning MIDI CCs to a specific footswitch locations, kind of like they do to turn individual effects on and off. But if they did that, it seems like mapping those CCs to a control would be a huge pain. If you moved an effect in the chain, you'd have to re-map its control. It just seems like it lead to a lot of headaches.

Re: Using MIDI CC# to control POD HD effect / amp parameters (Next update request)
by simon1176f on 2013-02-07 15:45:42.1390

Sure, access to the amp params would be great. I see what you mean about the implications when you move effects around. Maybe the CC# assignments could move also.. From memory the EXP 1/2 assignments do follow the effect if it's moved. Got to check that. If anything, as rewolf said, maybe the JTV controllers could be mapped. This combined with the amp controls (for both amps if they are being used) would absoultely serve my needs. I like the idea of being able to turn a pot on my guitar that simultaneously turns up the drive while turning down the output. I know this is possible with the exp pedal but say if I want a wah pedal at the same time... at the moment (unless I have a variax) it's not possible. I could also (with some basic electronics) have the pot on my guitar connected to the external pedal input on the back of the POD but this gets assigned to EXP 2 so it limits what I can do with the built in expression pedal. Maybe even just this pedal socket could have it's own (EXP 3?) assignment..

Re: Using MIDI CC# to control POD HD effect / amp parameters (Next update request)
by soundog on 2013-02-08 14:55:23.2320

I totally agree, Simon. I use a MIDI controller on my console to adjust guitar fx all the time (MainStage) , and can no longer do it now with the HD500.

It should be a trivial addition to firmware. Since I use my EXP1 for volume/wah exclusively, I am left with a SINGLE knob sending CC#2 data to control a SINGLE effects parameter (via EXP2). Very limiting. Very disappointing.

I have sent a request to Line 6 for this feature, and hope anyone else needing this feature do the same.

Best to all....

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