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Routing Audio to HD500 to allow easier patch building?
by aLLaboutYou on 2013-02-07 17:09:56.8150

Hey Guys,
So im coming form using vst amp sims. the way i would build patches was i would record a riff, loop it, and then modify the patch settings as i see fit. obviously this makes patch building a lot easier because i dont have to be playing guitar at the same time as tweaking knobs.
I just got an hd500 and im trying to figure out a way to do this exact same thing.
so far ive tried:
setting my DAW audio in and out to the hd500, didnt work.
setting the HD500's output setting to Studio and plugging my monitors directly into the HD500. i then plugged my audio interface into the aux input of the HD500 and set the units input to AUX. this seemed like it work except i was getting a terrible whining noise from the unit even after switching cables.

thats all i have so far. is there a way to do this?

Re: Routing Audio to HD500 to allow easier patch building?
by BlueViolince on 2013-02-07 18:06:39.8960

It's way easier than that, aLLaboutYou.  Just put your looper at the front of your fx chain, record something full range and full dynamic range, hit play, and then hit the looper button again to get back into patch mode while your loop is playing.  You can edit patches while the looper is playing, and when you're done editing, just remember to put the looper back at the last slot of your chain. 

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