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400 vs. 500 need a quick answer
by Darkice on 2013-02-08 00:45:10.9980

Hey all. I apologize ahead, as i know this may have been answered many times before, but i'm about to splash out on a pod HD again tomorrow.  I owned a 500 unit a while ago and now want to buy another one, but 400 here where i am is half the price of the 500, so i'm wonderinf whether its justifiable.

Can someone please answer me this in simple terms...

Only advantages with 500 over 400 are...  more stackable effects, more preset positions, more effects pedals on the board (4 more than the 400), and 500 can have dual amps running.

Other than that they have identical sounding amp models, and sound virtually the same ?

Thanks ahead!

Re: 400 vs. 500 need a quick answer
by greghall on 2013-02-08 01:18:19.7570

Have a look at this link">">


Re: 400 vs. 500 need a quick answer
by Darkice on 2013-02-08 01:24:17.0590

I definitely looked at that. But i'm confused as it doesn't say anything about sound differences or anything.

For example that states that 300 and 400 have 29 amp and preamp models, where as the 500 only has 25... I mean, price-wise one would think 500 should have more yes? SO i'm, curious as to what is the catch. Other than the little things i listed above, WHY is the 500 so much more expensive. I dont mind paying for the 500, but i dont want to buy a 400 and then realized ive missed out on something so obviously different between the 2.

Re: 400 vs. 500 need a quick answer
by silverhead on 2013-02-08 04:36:16.2560

The HD500 has more inputs including mic and VDI, much more flexibility in terms of FX selection and placement, dual amp paths, more outputs, ...

I think the extra cost is very much worth it.

Re: 400 vs. 500 need a quick answer
by spaceatl on 2013-02-08 04:48:12.1560

I have an HD400 and an HD Desktop (Basically the same as an HD500)...Amp models and FX are the same...It's the layout and control that is different...Some folks say the HD400 is 3 FX...Well it has 3 variable FX blocks...But it also has dedicated Gate, Wah, Volume, Reverb and FX Loop slots...The chain layout is the fixed chain layout that is really similar to the XT and the SV MK2 preamp...just the models are HD and M class...The number of models is the same in each now...I think that info dates back to when there was an update that hit the HD400/300 first and they did have more models for a short little while.

Re: 400 vs. 500 need a quick answer
by jimsreynolds on 2013-02-08 04:56:13.2740

+1 Silverhead

I think the marketting info may be a bit out of whack ... certainly (at time of writing) there are no models on the 3/400 that are not available on the 500 so don't worry about that.

Really it depends on how ambitious you are for your setup.   The simpler you like it, the more likely the HD3/400 will fulfil your needs.  What you pay for with the HD500 is flexibility.  Experienced users of MultiFX value this very highly and are willing to pay the premium.  A number of  people on this forum have started off with an HD3/400 and traded up once they hit the limitations.

If you want flexibility then your really do need the HD500.  The ability to place any effect anywhere in the 'chain' is a really big deal for some people (e.g. me) and that is just not possible with the 3/400 where certain effects are tied to certain positions in the chain and cannot be duplicated.

On the down side, the HD500 is definitely more of a challenge to get setup and working so if you don't have the patience for that then you need to consider the tradeoff.  There is loads of great info and resources on this forum to get you up and running but few people get what they were looking for on day #1.  Typically, people get up and running faster with an HD3/400 (from what I see posted) and many people are quite happy to stick with it.

Re: 400 vs. 500 need a quick answer
by toneman2121 on 2013-02-08 06:38:07.9720

quick answer... 500

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