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Someone PLEASE tell me why the two red lights on my pod farm won't stop blinking
by VanOrsdell on 2013-02-08 17:52:11.2670

Why won't the two red lights on my Pod Farm Ux2 stop blinking?

Re: Someone PLEASE tell me why the two red lights on my pod farm won't stop blinking
by hulbert on 2013-02-09 07:03:57.2920


I have had a look in the guide and it says it indicates a usb error.

It suggests first checking that the cable is totally plugged in and that its ok.

If thats all fine then it says to go into Pod Farm standalone (if you have this) and go to 'Help' and then 'About Pod Farm'.

If the computer and pod farm is not seeing the ux2, then it will say 'No authorised device connected. Pod Farm cannot process audio'.

Here is what else it says:

"It is specifically recommended that you always connect your Line 6 device directly to your computer’s “built-in” USB port and not into a USB hub. USB hubs are known to sometimes cause communication errors with USB audio devices. USB audio devices require a fast, uninterrupted flow of audio data to and from the computer. (For iLok USB keys, these are usually fine connected to any USB 1.1 or 2.0 USB port or hub.) • On Windows® systems, it is not recommended that you connect more than one PODxt or POD X3 family device to the computer at the same time. These Line 6 devices utilize a common device driver and only one can be initialized at a time. • USB connection to your Line 6 hardware is required in order to use the audio features of POD Farm 2 in standalone operation.* POD Farm 2 Plug-In also requires the connection of the Line 6 device or iLok device which holds your POD Farm 2 license to launch in an authorized state. So make sure your device is connected to your computer via USB and powered on.

If you believe that your USB connection is OK, try re-installing the Line 6 device’s Driver or POD Farm 2 software. (Reinstalling POD Farm 2 will not affect any Tone Presets that you’ve stored.) The easiest way to do this is to run Line 6 Monkey with your Line 6 device connected and go to the Updates tab. Here you will see if you have the latest device driver and POD Farm 2 software versions installed. You can download and install any available updates here by selecting them in the Monkey Updates tab, or choose to re-install the same versions to make sure all is configured correctly. Just follow the steps as prompted by Line 6 Monkey.  iLok USB Issues If you are using the POD Farm 2 Plug-In for iLok, and you have your iLok correctly connected to your USB port, but POD Farm 2 Plug-In is displaying a “not authorized” error, check the following: • Is the LED on the iLok key lit? If not, then the iLok USB key may either not be inserted or installed correctly. Try exiting all audio software, then remove and reinsert the iLok key, or try it in a different USB port. • Go to, log in to your iLok account and check that the POD Farm 2 license is correctly installed on your iLok key. • Check to see if there is an updated driver for the iLok USB key at - if so, install the new driver following their instructions. • You can find the details for your purchased POD Farm 2 Plug-In for iLok on your Line 6 account as well. For instructions on purchasing the POD Farm 2 for iLok license and configuration, please see “POD Farm 2 Plug-In for iLok” on page 1•7. p Return to “Troubleshooting” Contents   "

Here is the link to the guide if you want to have a look :

I hope this can help,

God Bless,


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