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Problem saving to custom 1 jtv 89f
by vanderlaan on 2013-02-09 04:03:59.6540


As described in the manual I tried to save some models to cutom1 . That failed . When I do the same procedure to custom 2 it works. Even with the workbench when you do : send to device doesn't save.

I just bought this magnificent guitar jtv 89 F ... only this thing annoyes me :-)

Can anyone help me out with this problem ?

Re: Problem saving to custom 1 jtv 89f
by Kupsik on 2013-02-09 04:13:38.2170

From 1.9 firmware update info:

For JTV-89 Customers Only: In addition to the 28 electric, acoustic and eclectic instruments, you also get five high-gain models exclusive to JTV-89 loaded into custom bank 1. Each model is based on a different pickup position, and delivers high-gain guitar tone while allowing you to access drop tunings, custom Dream Rig configurations and more.

The five high-gain models come with a couple caveats: 1. For the time being, they are not editable in Workbench, nor will you be able to mix and match the body or pickup models.   2. For the time being, the High Gain Model is hard-wired into the Custom 1 bank. You will not be able to overwrite the Custom 1 bank from the guitar or from Workbench.

Re: Problem saving to custom 1 jtv 89f
by vanderlaan on 2013-02-10 02:23:14.1370

Thanks , still I am a little bit disappointed .  In the manual they say it's possible and even in the advertising they say that you can put your own stuff in custom 1 and 2 . Now it seemed that only custom 2 can be used.  You will agree that when you buy a guitar you would like to see that it works as described in the manual .

Is there a possibility to change this with a new firmware update ?  People can choose if they want the extra sounds (frimware update 1.9) or changing custom 1 (firmware update 2.0 )

Re: Problem saving to custom 1 jtv 89f
by Kupsik on 2013-02-10 05:39:06.5340

I think that why there is "for the time being" in my previous quote, in next firmware version you should be in my opinion able to use custom 1 bank as before, If you want to... And remember you can put your own stuff anywhere and replace any guitar you don't like/ don't need, so you can have 20 variations of Les Pauls or Stratocasters if that's what you like ;-)

Re: Problem saving to custom 1 jtv 89f
by vanderlaan on 2013-02-11 10:29:56.1020

Thanks !! I will wait :-)

Re: Problem saving to custom 1 jtv 89f
by Geo888 on 2013-02-11 14:47:51.5910

How do you find build quality in JTV-89F? Sorry for the out of topic question

Re: Problem saving to custom 1 jtv 89f
by frstrat on 2013-04-15 18:35:17.6420

I was trying to unravel the same mystery today.  My 89F arrived last Friday.  Aside from the issue explored in this thread, I've found the build quality of the 89F to be exceptional.  Frets are well dressed.  Jacks, pots, and strap buttons are tight.  Volume and tone pots are quality components; not crackling or popping.  Neck has a slim/wide profile and anchors solidly to the body.

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