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Crackle and Hiss
by macro17 on 2013-02-09 14:16:15.1440

I have had an GX set up on my Windows 7 computer for over a year and in the lest few weeks I have been getting an occasional crackle/hiss sound (some times it's short, some times long), it's more of a hiss than a crackle. It kind of reminds me of when you plug a (guitar) cord into an amp when it's turned on and you get that awful sound or more like when you have a volume knob that is dirty and you turn it it makes a crackle. At first I thought it was a You Tube problem because I noticed it watching music vids but it happens with my Windows Media Player also. I unpluged the guitar cord from the GX and it still get the sound. I don't have another USB cord to try to see if it is that. I tried to use my sound card with my head phones but I had to uninstall the GX/POD Farm to be able to use the sound card. I reinstalled the sound card and I am not getting the cracle/hiss. Do you think it's the GX going bad or the USB cable?

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