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3rd time DT-50 has blown power transformer
by whiteop on 2013-02-09 19:32:31.9470

My DT-50 died for the 3rd time in the past year. I've already sent it in twice for repairs; one under the 1 year warranty; the other an extended warranty which I am glad I bought otherwise I would have one large paperweight on my hands. While I really like the sound of the amp it is very unreliable and I have not mishandled or damaged it. In fact in one of the repair shops I took it to, one of the techs said the amp looked brand new. I am very careful with my amps and only use it at church once or twice a week for 30 mins at a stretch. All of the repair tickets have said that the problem is that one of the power transformers has blown. One shop told me they see this all the time on the DT series amp and that it's a commonly known problem and that it's caused by cheap sub quality power transformers. We have checked all of our power supplies at church and none of the other guitarists ar having any trouble with their amps and they are on the same power supply.

Surely Line 6 must know this. Why haven't they fixed this problem? I'm sick of shipping the amp in for repairs and the last time the shipping company tore the hell out of my box so I'm going to have to really tape I up this time and hope the are more careful this time around. I contacted customer support and asked if I could buy just a box and they said no (the box is made for shipping because it has 4 cushions in it; it's not like you can just use any box; I told them I our be willing to BUY it; I didn't expect anything for free).

Bottom line I'm trying to get across if you have a DT series amp sell it while you can. I will never buy a Line 6 amp because of this experience. I know  the end result is that after I get the amp back from repair it will blow again and keep repeating this pattern until my extended warranty runs out. Not a reliable amp at all.

Re: 3rd time DT-50 has blown power transformer
by spaceatl on 2013-02-10 15:18:15.4210

Seems to me the shops might not be fixing the real problem...3 power transformers in 1 year...Seems to me there is likely another problem...Not likely that you would get 3 defective transformers in a row...But I suppose it would be possible...just not anything I have ever seen...When transformers fail, often they will take other components with them...Did the shop repair additional components? Or have they just replaced the tranny? That approach is sorta like replacing a blown fuse...Sure, it might work for a while...But it generally means the actual cause is elsewhere...

My DT50 is nearing 4 years old and it gets a lot of use....So does my DT25...Both of my SVs are even older and power trannys are just fine...All are always run on an AVR...

Re: 3rd time DT-50 has blown power transformer
by whiteop on 2013-02-10 23:13:14.8340

All I know is that I send it in for repair, they fix it, note that it's the power transformer on the ticket then send it back. It works for a few months then repeats the cycle. Last time I sent it in it came back in the box looking like it had been dropkicked. I don't know if the the box will hold up shipping it this time and Line 6 says they can't sell me just the box. The truth probably is CSR I'm talking to has never done something like that before and doesnt know how to go about it doesn't want to take the additional time to do it. I've owned and operated several businesses before so I know it's probably just a young lazy CSR who just wants to move to the next customer in his que to meet his supervisors quotas. I have a service plan and am a regular at several of the GC 's in my area I'm just going to see if they can get me a new one. Hopefully Line 6 has gotten Bogner to fix the problem. I've looked around and the power transformer is a known problem on this amp. A class action attorney would probably be able to prove that fact with little problem.

EDIT: I found out that the extended warranty ran out a few days ago even though I was led to believe that the warranty only began after the Line 6 warranty expired in 2012. I contacted Line 6 Technical Support and told them the power transformer had blown 3 times and they agreed to take a look at it at no charge since there is obviously a problem. Crossing my fingers. Honestly it did make me feel better that the person who answered my call didn't assume that I'm an amp beating drug / acoholic (don't touch the stuff) and understood and empathized with my situation. Hopefully they will fix it. The guys at GC also agreed to help. They know how much I've spent there...probably upwards of $100K during my

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