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Using bass with the DT50 Flip Top bass model?
by theTaNKisnowhere on 2013-02-10 07:51:54.4340


So this is probably a stupid question, but as I can't find an answer in the knowlage base, I thought I'd ask and find out for sure.

I see in the new DT50 firmware (v2.0) that there is a bass model, the Flip Top. Does this mean that using the Flip Top model you can play a bass through the DT50 or is this just for those lucky enough to own a variax?

I'm aware that using a bass through a normal guitar amp can be bad for the amp, but as this is not a normal amp and as Line 6 has added a bass model to the list, I'm just wondering what the go is. I haven't updated the firmware yet as I don't have a MIDI/USB interface, but I will as soon as I get one.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Re: Using bass with the DT50 Flip Top bass model?
by ahrens on 2013-02-10 09:18:46.8850

Hi, I'm not easily finding any documentation about the frequency range of my DT25 speaker either, especially on the Line6 site.  I Googled the documented range of your Celestion Vintage 30, and it starts at 70hz.

I would just use some common sense and not turn up the volume too high if you're gonna play some really low tones-subs like on a 5 stringer...

I sure they made the model available, to be used though...

Re: Using bass with the DT50 Flip Top bass model?
by theTaNKisnowhere on 2013-02-12 20:42:57.1390


Thanks for your reply. And thanks for that info, I didn't know that. Or did I think to look outside of the Line 6 site. Probably an obvious oversite, even though you'd hope all Line 6 answers would be on the Line 6 site... yah well.

But that's what I was thinking, if they made the model available for the DT you'd think it's there to be used with a bass. But If the speaker range starts at 70Hz and the low E on a standard tuned bass is around 41Hz, then that seems like it's not ment to be used with a bass.

I'd just like to know for sure rather than jumping in (even cautiously) and doing something that will void my warrenty.

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