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Buying a used UX1/UX2 Software License Issues
by kursonis on 2013-02-10 09:58:20.7150

Hello, I've been reading all over this site, but I just haven't found the clear answer to some issues (though I'm sure it's there somewhere:).  I want to buy a used UX1 but the owner doesn't have the box, or the card with the license number, and doesn't remember if he even registered online or not - in order to transfer the license to me.  Is there anything to do here?  Can I submit the unit serial no. and if it is unregistered then go ahead and be the first registrant?  Or if it is registered, then get some info I can give the owner so he can then go online and transfer to me?  Also, is there a difference in how this applies to an older Toneport unit vs. a new Pod Studio UX1?

Also, I saw the page where Reason Adapated is available to download, once I'm a registered owner with activated Podfarm software can I get what I need to unlock this download?  And the same for Ableton?


Re: Buying a used UX1/UX2 Software License Issues
by TheRealZap on 2013-02-10 10:09:45.8240

the toneports (older redface models) didn't come with anything but pod farm and gearbox (standalone NO PLUGIN)... nothing to transfer unless the owner paid for additional upgrades that he's willing to gift to you...

the pod studios (newer blackface models) came with reason adapted, ableton live lite, and t4 riffworks as well as pod farm standalone and plugin (possibly pod farm 2)

you can get all the line6 included software from this site...

riffworks t4 is free anyway....

reason adapted, and ableton live lite... you will need the disk and the codes... and possibly even to have the owner transfer that to you if they registered them...

you will not be able to download/obtain them from line6.

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