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monitor speakers and speaker wire question.
by justaguitardude on 2013-02-10 12:31:19.5670

hi, so i finally have got around to getting some monitors, they support XLR balance, and 1/4 balance and unbalance.  does the line 6 xu2 support unbalance? (i have the older model, red/black did not come with pod farm or whatever, have to find the cd monkey or something if memory serves if this makes a difference? laughs, finding the cd i hope is not to hard in this mess i call a move, moving sucks)?  as the two speaker cables i purchase with the monitors are not balanced.  the speakers support both.  granted balance is better, but i do not have any on hand.  just unbalance i guess. which would be the same as a guitar cable.  i understand the unbalance can cause RF interference.  however, i do not care( and nothing around really to cause any problems anyhow)  till i can buy the right cables witch will be a while. time is not on my side at this point.  if i can do this cool.  then when i can get some new cables ill go with XLR to 1/4 TRS.  but can i use what i have on hand now with out damage to either the monitors (they support balance, and unbalance) and to the unit it self.  (i have to find the silly cd yet in my move to reinstall everything, sigh)thanks.


Re: monitor speakers and speaker wire question.
by Triryche on 2013-02-11 09:07:28.6970

The UX2 supports unbalanced.

Do not worry about the CD, download Monkey from here to update your drivers/firmware">">

Speaker cables and guitar cables are NOT the same.

What type of monitors do you have? If they are powered monitors it is OK to use guitar cables from the UX2 to the monitors.

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