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Switching between EXP1 / EXP2
by barneyrubble1976 on 2013-02-10 12:41:01.3480


Got a HD500 and been adjusting some of the presets and sounds downloaded from the Customtone. I understand the EXP1 and EXP2 options, I don't have an add-on to use the EXP2, I  use the EXP1 only, usually for wah, occasionally for volume.

On some of my presets I notice that the HD500 itself is set to EXP2 essentially rendering it useless as I only use EXP1. I assign the wah in the online set-up to EXP1 but obviously this does not work when the EXP2 light is lit up on the actual POD itself.

How can I change this so I can use the EXP1 option, in this case the wah? I could start a new process of setting up the sound from scratch and copying the settings over but not ideal obviously.



Re: Switching between EXP1 / EXP2
by silverhead on 2013-02-10 12:57:54.7640

Typically I use the Wah (and Vol if desired) in the following manner:

- assign the Vol pedal (if desired) to the preset and assign it EXP1. Set the pedal to EXP1, and set the Vol ON/OFF to be controlled by the pedal Toe Switch. Turn the Vol FX ON manually (not using the toe switch).

- leaving the pedal set to EXP1, assign the Wah FX to the preset. Manually turn Wah OFF, and set the Wah sweep to be controlled by EXP2. Also set the ON/OFF controller for the WAH to be the pedal Toe Switch.

- with the pedal still set to EXP1, save the preset.

The result of the above is that when you recall the preset the Vol FX will be ON,the Wah FX will bew OFF, and the pedal will be set to EXP1. Both the Vol and Wah FX will be controlled by the pedal Toe Switch. Now when you hit the toe switch, the Vol will turn OFF, the Wah will turn ON, and the pedal will switch to EXP2 which controls the Wah sweep. Just be aware that in moving the pedal to use the toe switch, the Vol FX will move to its max sweep.

Personally, I generally don't use the Vol FX when using the Wah. But it is important to set the Wah status, its sweep controller, and the toe switch appropriately in the stored preset so that it behaves as outlined above. You can use either EXP1 or EXP2 - but the preset must be saved with the pedal in the opposite state and the Wah FX OFF. You can adapt this procedure to your taste if you want to use EXP1 to control the Wah.

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