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Pod HD + L3m + L6 Link
by Octo777 on 2013-02-12 08:36:46.6620

So over the past few months, I've been upgrading somewhat.

I've now got an L3m to run my HD500 through via L6 Link.

There are two significant issues I have that I do hope will be addressed at some point (unless of course I am just being an idiot and there are actually exisiting solutions to what I am about to describe).

First problem is that regardless of any saving efforts, when you use the HD500 and L3m via L6 Link, the output setting of the HD500 automatically switches to Combo Pwr Amp which is just plain ridiculous.

It sounds abolutely horrible in that mode and given that the speaker is supposed to be FR/FR it baffles me why the default isn't Studio/Direct and to be honest it's a bit of a pain having to switch the output setting everytime you power up. Granted, the output setting stays on Studio/Direct till you power up again, but it's still a pain.

The second issue I have is volume control and finding a balance between patches again.

I've tried several approaches but none that I've been happy with as of yet.

When using L6 Link, the Main analog Master control on the HD is bypassed so the only way of setting the overall volume is via the speakers master control which is a bit fiddly partly because of the placement of the control knob but also because the control is quite sensitive and I really miss having that Master control on the HD for quick overall volume tweaking (though this is more of an issue when teaching and having different guitars plugged in etc, though still a valid concern I believe).

I tried setting the Speakers Master control to the centre/unity position the same as I do when using my M20d P.A. setup, but it's far too damn loud and to get a usable/bearable volume level, you end up having to bring down your Volume on the amp settings to under 10% in most cases and it still means you have to be careful as even operating the tuner when it's not in bypass mode gives you a jolt of volume.

And so with that in mind I wish there was an easier way to control the master output of the HD/L3 combination.

I'm wondering if I am in fact being an idiot and basically doing everything wrong when it comes to using these devices together, but since there is no manual as of yet for the Pod HD>L6 Link>Pod HD combinations like there is for the DT series a bit of clarification of functions would be great.

I am interested to hear how others are getting on with the L3/HD combinations and if anyone has any solutions and can give me any advice on the above issues, I would be very grateful.



Re: Pod HD + L3m + L6 Link
by Kupsik on 2013-02-12 09:12:32.7220

I don't own L3m or any StageSource speaker, but I might have one idea. What Smart Speaker mode are you using when you have HD500 connected via L6Link? Maybe if you use Electric guitar mode, it tells HD500 to switch to Combo Pwr Amp for some reason and if you change mode to Reference/P.A. it might change to Studio/Direct, but again, I don't have L3m, so just one quick idea...

Re: Pod HD + L3m + L6 Link
by Octo777 on 2013-02-12 09:23:35.3230

Good idea, but the speaker modes are saved per patch and don't affect the output mode of the HD.

Ironically, all patches before saving them per your own preference via the HD, are defaulted to Reference/P.A. Mode.... Not electric guitar mode which would make far more sense....

Re: Pod HD + L3m + L6 Link
by Inerzia on 2013-02-12 12:28:07.9080

Is your HD500 "wearing" the latest firmware? Stagesource compatibility has just been added to the HD with the last version, Maybe the problem is that your HD500 is seeing L3m as a DT amp because it doesn't "know" about Stagesource.
The volume changes in live mode are normal. I wish it wasn't. I wish the amps, cabs and mics were "normalized" in volume, so that switching between them would only change the tone, not the volume, but they aren't, so, if you want to use, say, the same patches when you go with direct/studio mode as when you use any of the other modes, you'll have to do different setlists and recalibrate volumes.
I found about this the hard way, that is, huge volume raise when changin patch to play a solo. Pretty embarrassing

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